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Remarkable Stories from the Bible

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This set of three Biblical works is a hit for lessons such as Bible study, history of Christianity, or religious literature. Study and ENJOY three amazing written works for insight on Christian figures Jonah, Job, and Solomon.

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Who's it for?

  • Bible study students & groups
  • Students studying literature
  • Families studying the Bible, Biblical literature, or religious history


What's included?

The Remarkable Journey of Jonah -- Retail price $9.99

  • The late scholar and author Dr. Henry Morris believed the biblical account of Jonah was true, and this book will thrill others who believe it, too. Drawing on a lengthy research career, Morris takes the reader on the same wonderful ride on which Jonah embarked.
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The Remarkable Record of Job -- Retail price $8.99

  • Far from being an engaging fable, the account of Job in the bible is one of the most historically and scientifically accurate records of the ancient world.
  • Perhaps the oldest book in the Bible, the book of Job touches on many subjects of science and history. This commentary on the controversial Book of Job is very different from most of the seminary and church teachings so prevalent today, for it attests to the historicity of a man named Job who understood at the end of his life that God cannot be 'figured out,' but He can most certainly be trusted.
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The Remarkable Wisdom of Solomon -- Retail price $12.99

  • After the birth of the Jewish nation, but before the brutal string of invading Pagan armies, there arose an Israel a king whose splendor was so rich, his very name is still spoken with awe: Solomon.
  • Inheriting and expanding a magnificent kingdom from his father, King David, Solomon, attained both spiritual and material wealth, confounding his enemies and thrilling his own people. The Bible claims there will never be another like him. 
  • His legacy includes three canonical works that flowed from God to his pen - Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.
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  • Gain a deep understanding of faith, trust, and spiritual wealth



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    Solomon, Jonah, and Job
    Aug 26, 2015

    Looking for commentaries that offer more than the normal Sunday School style teaching of these books of the Bible? Look no further!
    These books are engaging and fascinating commentaries written by the late Dr. Henry M. Morris, who believed the written accounts of the Bible to be factually true on every level, which is something modern scholars don't seem to examine.

    Janet - Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher, Super-hero

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