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These task cards are excellent for providing practice with finding evidence and reasons in text. There are eight short passages with three questions each. This is great resource for Common Core standard RL.4.8! Task cards come with QR codes, too!

Proof and Evidence Task Cards

We can all agree how important it is for students to be able to read and comprehend informational text. I have tried to implement this in my classroom more this year, but I know I still need to do more. That's why I created these task cards.

I created 8 informational text passages. For each passage, I wrote 3 questions. These are not, "What color was the animal?" questions. These are questions that make the students think - go back into the text and prove their answers.

The topics on the cards are:
* Rhino Problem
* The Invention of Pepsi-Cola
* Husky or Malamute
* Niagara Falls State Park
* Chewing Gum
* Elvis Presley
* Magnets
* The Queen Bee

In this product, you will receive

* 8 sets of cards - each with 1 informational passage and 3 questions
* two duplicate sets of cards - 1 without QR codes and one with QR codes
* a note-taking sheet
* a student answer sheet
* an answer key

I really hope these cards make your students better text investigators!

I created this product to meet Common Core ELA standard RI.4.8. However, I believe this product is great for grades 3-6, whether or not you are doing Common Core.

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