Have Fun Together

Put down all the disruptive devices and be present for your kids.

It is easy to have your phone in hand waiting for the next text to come through while sitting outside watching your children play, but what message does this send to your child? It says the phone is more important than they are, but if you are present and in the moment having some fun together, the message changes…it says YOU ARE important to me. So, with that being said, have some fun with your kids!

The benefit: Your kids know you care and are available to listen. This builds a positive relationship.

Prioritize Your Kid’s Schedule

You can’t do everything!

I know we all want our kids to be involved in a plethora of after school activities – dance, gymnastics, soccer, football, basketball, painting classes, yoga and whatever else you can think of to add to this list. Instead, select which activities are the most important and which ones can be left by the wayside. Sit down and Let your children be a part of the decision-making process. These decisions can slow down the entire family and allows you more time for foundational routines, like eating dinner as a family. 

The benefit: Less stress. More quality time for the family.

Parents Must also Prioritize their Schedule

Don’t let your job control you!

Parents also need to prioritize their schedules as well. I know that is easier said than done, but we have to remember to rank what parts of our job are most important. What can be done tomorrow, what needs to be completed immediately and what is something that you can say no to? Create a list of priorities that includes family time too.

The benefit: You feel organized and a sense of accomplishment about what you did get done.

Make Time for Your Kids

What can do you together?

Making time for your kids doesn’t necessarily mean stop what you are doing and devote undivided attention to each child one at a time. What can you and your children get done together? Can everyone pitch in and help get dinner on the table or even prepare dinner? Give the kids jobs that are easy to handle like setting the table or cleaning up the house. It’s their house too! 

The benefit: Sharing these tasks will encourage you to connect. Build positive self–esteem for entire family.

Family Meetings

Brainstorm as a family!

When our family encountered rocky situations, we sat down and chatted about the issue and what we could all do about it. These family meetings encouraged everyone to be a part of the solution and everyone felt included. All you have to do is jot down all the ideas and see what needs to be done to make it happen.

The benefit: The children feel their opinion is important. There is an understanding that all problems can be discussed and solved. The meetings take care of problems before they escalate.

What you do now will shape your family’s foundation. One day your children will be adults, wouldn’t it be nice for you to model behavior that encourages family strength instead of constant chaos? The most important job you have is raising your kids. So, slow down and enjoy your kids!

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Kathy BloggerKathy is a retired 1st and 2nd grade looping teacher, who taught full time and part time in her hometown of Springfield, PA for 30+ years. She is wife, mom of three grown children and as of today a Mimi of three with one on the way. Kathy volunteers in her daughter’s Kindergarten Special Education classroom weekly. She loves to create, write and has an obsession for shoes and chocolate.

How To Slow Down and Enjoy Your Kids