I was about at my wits end. My kiddo is in 4th grade, and still hadn’t learned the times tables. She has been struggling a little more each year to keep up in math. It was frustrating, but really quite sad because she used to LOVE math, and now I was frequently hearing “I hate math! I’m no good at math.”

After watching Times Tales, my daughter used the stories to answer a question asked in class. She was really proud of herself, and was feeling so much better about her ability to do math.

We’d tried everything, flashcards, multiplication war, computer games, everything I could think of. It didn’t seem to matter how long we spent trying to memorize the times tables, it just never sunk in. It got to the point if I even brought up the subject it immediately turned to yelling, crying and fighting.

She’d given up. She did not believe she could learn the times tables. Which is awful, because she’s a super smart kid.

Then one day I was on Facebook, and saw an ad for Times Tales. It promised to teach your kids their times tables in an hour. My first thought? Yeah. Right. There’s no way it’s that easy! But I went to the site, looked around, and read the reviews, and changed my mind. I could totally see how this could work. It was 20 bucks, and after all the hair pulling I’d been through already, it was worth it.

I started to order Times Tales through Amazon (where I get most everything!) but one of the reviews mentioned I could get the DVD on Educents for 10 dollars cheaper than Amazon. Same product… cheaper price. Well, I’m all about that! So I ordered through Educents on a Friday, and Monday morning the DVD arrived in the mail. I immediately opened the DVD and watched it, so I could see what it was all about, and how it would work. I could see exactly how it works, and I started getting a little excited about sharing it with Hanna.
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