The Young Scientists Club

Volcanoes, board games and robots, oh my!

If you have a hands-on learner, The Young Scientists Club storefront is filled with STEM lessons and resources that will keep your child engaged. Developed by a team of Harvard graduates, scientists and educators, all products are designed to get kids excited about the process of scientific discovery.

A few of our favorites from The Young Scientists Club include the ever-popular Magic School Bus experiment subscription, Math Explosion board game complete with an erupting volcano, and new build-your-own robot kits. They even offer a group kit for learning opportunities in a classroom or homeschool co-op.

Here’s what one mom says about the Magic School Bus Kit: “Magic school bus science at home is amazing. My girl loves science & experimenting this gives her monthly a new challenge book with supplies. It’s excellent resource for science activities. Things really stick when she’s excited to learn & this makes it so fun too!!”

Techknow Training Studios

Learn computer and technology skills with your child.

A Techknow Techology Training Studios subscription gives you full access to 30 award-winning technology courses you or your child may be interested in learning. Developed by a homeschooling dad, the subscription includes everything you need as a homeschooling parent to help your child succeed, most notably a FREE parent subscription!

Choose from courses like Build Your Own Computer, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Videography or even Intro to Electronics. Plus, your student will have free access to the Techknow Funzone Minecraft server for weekly events and games. With a Techknow subscription, you can prepare your child for college or even a career in STEM-related fields.

One mom said, “My family is so grateful for the AWESOME Computer Training that you offer. Our daughter is learning so much and her confidence is growing daily. We Love that everyone in our family can take your classes and we only had to pay one fee. Thank you again for looking out for families, that means a lot to us.”

Know Yourself Workbooks and Adventure Series

Discover the human body with these innovative and entertaining resources.

The human body doesn’t come with an owner’s manual, but Know Yourself is changing this for kids through their collection of engaging workbooks and wildly creative subscription boxes. Your kids will join Dr. Bonyfide through whimsical adventures that teach them anatomy vocabulary, processes and ultimately how their bodies work.

The subscription kits, known as the Adventure Series, are a true educational gem. Besides anatomy lessons, each kit also works in history and art lessons through beautifully illustrated comic books and hands-on activities. Plus, the joy of watching your child’s face light up when they open the subscription kit to find bone pens, a whoopie cushion, or comic book is an unmatched feeling for a parent or educator.

One homeschool mom said, “I was blown away with the amount of detail that is covered for teaching about bones. Information is presented in an engaging way that keeps kids (& adults!) coming back for more. My boys are begging me to get Dr. Bonyfide books for our homeschool. After seeing all that these books have to offer and how easy it would make it for me to help my boys learn, definitely adding to our wishlist!!”

LearnToMod Minecraft

Teach your child computer programming affordably and effectively.

Let’s face it, a computer programming course can sound a little boring. LearnToMod Minecraft is changing the game by allowing your child to learn programming languages while playing Minecraft. Even if your child has never coded before, they can learn to mod with this software that includes hundreds of video lessons, puzzles and quizzes. Kids can even unlock badges to reward them as they learn and advance.

At just $24.99 on Educents, this is one of the most affordable ways to teach your child programming languages. Plus, your purchase gives your student access to the LearnToMod software and their own private Minecraft server for a full year.

“I purchased this for my two oldest boys (then ages 15 and 11). They have used this product almost daily and have learned how to change things in their Minecraft worlds. Almost a year later, they are still actively spending time in the Learn to Mod Minecraft program. I have recommended this to friends. I found it is a great way to encourage a way to learn code while playing a well-known and fun game of Minecraft.”

Learn Math Fast

These books make it possible to learn 1st through 12th grade math in 3 years.

It may sound too good to be true, but this method developed by a homeschooling mom is tested, tried, and true. Whether your student is 6 or 16, the Learn Math Fast system gives them the foundation to understand math concepts fully and learn them quickly.

One big plus: none of the books mention appropriate grade level, so if your child is behind, they feel confident learning at their level and moving forward at their pace.

“I’m very pleased with this math system. I never expected it to make such an extreme difference and that too so quickly. My daughter really enjoys this, she does this more like a fun activity than really learning math. Which makes me so happy. Definitely one of the best products for math!”


These toys help girls to develop STEM skills at an early age. 

With 86% of the world’s engineers being male, GoldieBlox has set out with a mission to give more young girls STEM skills at an early age by creating toys with them in mind. Though, any child (or adult) would be excited to get their hands on GoldieBlox toys. From an action figure doll that gives you the tools to build a 13′ zipline for the doll to zip down, to the Craft-Struction Box with 275 building pieces for non-stop innovation and play, these toys provide hours of educational fun.

One parent submitted a photo of their little girl peeking under the open hood of their car, and pointing out the wheel and axel, something she learned after playing with GoldieBlox toys!

“I got this and a couple of the other Goldie Blox sets for my daughter for Christmas. She loves them and so do I! She’s learning how gears work and other mechanics and she is so proud when she makes a new creation and can show us how it works.”