Gifts for ages 3 to 6

Zip the Zebra DigiPuppet

Finger puppet learning buddies for your little gamer!

DigiPuppets are adorable finger puppets that work like a stylus on tablets and smartphones. They become kids’ favorite learning buddies when they use them to read the collection of magical story apps (FREE for a limited time!) and play fun educational games for iOS and Android. Award-winning playtime for under $10!

A great gift for children under 6 whose parents are looking for quality screen time activities.  Ideal for travel and a perfect stocking stuffer!

The Huffington Post describes this toy as “A classic plaything that interacts with touchscreens.”

Flashlight Construction Kit

Brighten your child’s future!

This kit gives children the tools to build and use their own flashlight. The kit includes all the materials needed for construction. In the process of using the instructions, your child will learn about light reflection, electrical wiring and engineering design.

This kit was created using the ‘design thinking method’ – which is used to teach college engineering students all over the United States, giving your child a head start in the engineering career!

This is a great gift for mechanically minded children, ages 5 and up, who can learn all about building circuits while creating their very own flashlight.

Transparent Marble Run

Watch it roll!

A wonderful first marble run set for young children. The simple design allows for open-ended building of all sorts of different configurations. Building these sets allow children to problem solve, plan, build and revise to create their perfect run.

Children can build an endless number of Marble Runs with this kit.  The set includes 45 transparent tubes, 2 marble wheels and starting gates for rapid release of the marbles. Sure to provide hours of building and rolling fun as well as opportunities to learn about gravity, momentum and torque! Perfect for your young architect who loves to build, rebuild and build it again!

Gifts for Ages 7 to 9

LearnToMod Minecraft

Learn to code with Minecraft!

Did you know kids can learn how to code by modifying (or “modding”) Minecraft ®? LearnToMod is a browser-based software that teaches students how to mod using Blockly and Javascript on the Mac OS or Windows version of Minecraft ®.

Tutorials, videos, and puzzles guide students through basic and complex mod building; soon students will be dreaming up and creating their own mods from scratch. This gift will give your student access to the LearnToMod software and their own private Minecraft for 1 year.

This is the perfect gift for your future computer programmer. It’s best suited for children ages 7 to 14.

“I purchased this for my two oldest boys (then ages 15 and 11). They have used this product almost daily and have learned how to change things in their Minecraft worlds. Almost a year later, they are still actively spending time in the Learn to Mod Minecraft program. I have recommended this to friends. I found it is a great way to encourage a way to learn code while playing a well-known and fun game of Minecraft.” – Adrienne M.

Electric Motors Catalyst Kit

Create a robot at home!

This amazing, but simple kit contains all that your child needs to build a robot or machine that really works!

Electric Motors Catalyst provides kids with super-fun open-ended learning and Tinkering. Kids can build countless different projects that utilize the power of electric motors. The kit even includes a “Challenge Deck” that encourages children to create a machine that can draw curvy lines or that can scramble an egg. An excellent choice to encourage children to dream, plan, test and redesign their ideal machine.

Great for children ages 6 to 13 who love to invent new and different contraptions.

“I really like that this tinkering kit comes with a bunch of pieces that can be put together in any way with elastic bands. This is great for my impatient child. Things can go together fast and be easily adjusted. The challenges are great for getting us started and thinking about different possibilities for robots. Overall a great product. The inclusion of two motors is also a big plus.” -Beth B.


Kids build a light up bookmark!

This gift will give young STEMists (your children!) fun, hands-on projects and an engineering design challenge – all focused on a particular STEM topic.

Allow your child to step into the shoes of an engineer. Using the materials in this Stitch-A-Circuit kit, they are challenged to design innovative tools like a book light bookmark.

Your child will explore electronic devices, circuits, wearable technology and while experimenting with many aspects of science, math, engineering and technology to make this multi-use creation. Kids receive a lab notebook to record activities and document their findings. The kit also includes videos and more interactive activities for kids to supplement what they are learning from the box projects.

This unique gift is an educational discovery tool for kids ages 8 and up.

SAM Inventor

Create your own alarm system!

This inventor kit allows children to stretch their imaginations. This smart construction kit connects to an online app where children can make their creations come alive.

While using the kit, children learn simple programming techniques. They will master morse code, make electronic music, protect possessions with an alarm, bring sounds to sketches and fine the groove with a mini-drum machine.

Created in partnership with the London Science Museum, unlock 5 step-by-step STEM activities to learn as you play. Set includes one light sensor, a buzzer and one motor. Uses Bluetooth to move, illuminate and sound.

Perfect for budding scientists who love to work with electronics or have secrets to hide! Ideal for ages 7 to 12.

“My son really wanted a DIY kit for his birthday, I wasn’t really sure what to get him. The problem I think is that most kits are quite complex and require a lot of programming and soldering etc. SAM Labs Inventor Kit was perfect for his level… It came with five projects that got him started on building with the SAMs, and after that he started building cool stuff on his own. For example, he managed to automate Lego and Playmobil toys etc. Great fun, definitely recommend.”

7 Generation Games

Games that make you smarter!

7 Generation Games is changing the way kids learn math through video games! If you have a hard time getting your kids to step away from video games, 7 Generation Games offers a way that will keep them learning while they play.

In their game Fish Lake, kids tackle fractions while adventuring across the Great Plains on a route that’s based on the migration of the Ojibwe people. In Spirit Lake, your child will work on multiplication and division while exploring a 3D virtual world as they find medicine to save their Dakota tribe. What’s more, kids who played Spirit Lake for just eight weeks saw math scores improve 30 percent! Looking for more of a challenge? Forgotten Trail blends the present, the past and practical applications of math. 7 Generation Games also offers a new App with fantastic reviews, Making Camp, that teaches kids (Grades 3 through 5) math and social studies as they build out their own virtual wigwam!

A great digital gift or, if you’re looking for something to wrap, they also offer a holiday “level-up” box. Give your child the gift of learning math, history and adventure through play this holiday season with 7 Generation Games!

Gifts for Ages 10 to 13

Coding iPhone Apps for Kids

Create your own apps!

Has your child always wanted to create their own iOS app or game? With this new book, learning to make iOS apps is easier than ever!

Your child will start off by learning the basics of programming and how to use Apple’s official (and free) app development software and then apply that knowledge to create two amazing apps of their own.

By the time your child has completed this book, he will have created a birthday tracker app and a skateboarding game. Soon they will have all the skills needed to make their own iPhone or iPad apps.

Great for children ages 10 and up who want to create their own games!

Minecraft Modding with Java: Learn to Code with Minecraft

Have fun with coding!

This is a fun and engaging online Java programming course for kids. In this self-paced course, students will learn how to modify or “mod” the source code of Minecraft while mastering coding concepts such as Conditionals, Methods, Loops, Variables, Arrays, and more.

Unlike comparable kids courses that use copy/paste and drag/drop instruction, CodaKid’s course is the most academic Minecraft Modding course that teaches kids how to code independently using professional programming tools. This makes coding so much more fun.

Great for students ages 7 to 15 who love Minecraft and want to master coding.

“I have taken every online Minecraft Modding course and CodaKid is by far the best. Their online teacher support is awesome and I really learned how to code with Java.” – Andrew B., Age 13

“CodaKid courses are perfect for homeschooling. They spend time to explain key coding concepts and the projects are fun and entertaining. I like that my son is using real programming tools and learning real Java coding whereas before he was just using drag and drop tools. I believe that CodaKid provides real educational value and skills for the future.” – Christina R

3D Animation 1: Animate Your Own Movie

Animate your very own movie!

This exciting online course teaches kids 3D animation techniques as they create their own 3D movie!

With a focus on the 12 basic principles of animation, kids will learn a wide variety of animation skills and concepts that will give them a broad foundation of animation knowledge from keyframes to camera movements.

Perfect for young movie makers ages 7 to 14.

“The course teaches many skills, includes 30 hours of instruction, one year of course access, and one year of online teacher support. So, you get a lot. Plus, the course encourages creativity, and provides your child a skill s/he can use in the future.?” -Polly, Parent


Unofficial Guide to Minecraft

Uncover the secrets of the game!

This handy book for Minecraft kids collects expert advice and detailed instructions from some of the most skilled and creative Minecraft players around the world.

Whether your child is an experienced player or new to the game and needs a starting point, The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to Strategies for Minecrafters® is the perfect companion for their Minecraft journey.

Learn how to build basic utilities like a stove or a toilet. Breed cows and pigs, then trap them and transform them into steak and bacon. Enjoy your very own castle or hidden shelter-the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination and as simple as 1-2-3 instructions. Learn sneaky glitches that’ll get you ahead in the game, even how to create a popular Minecraft server!

Finally, one you’ve mastered the game you can even bring your Minecraft obsession to life, with fun projects like Minecraft themed cookies or party favor bags. Flex your fingers and peel back your eyelids-inside you’ll find days’ worth of fun and exploration. Published with

The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to Strategies for Minecrafters® is the perfect gift for both beginners and die-hard Minecraft addicts.

Gifts for Ages 14+

Quadcopter Drone for Kids

Fly your own drone!

A quadcopter is a unique aircraft that is equipped with four propellers. Like a helicopter, it can hover and fly.  With this kid, children can assemble their own quadcopter which can be remotely controlled by Joypad.

Perfect for flying fans ages 11 and up.

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for Total Beginners

Build something useful!

Whether it’s organizing files, working with spreadsheets, or even sending e-mail and text messages, this book introduces programming concepts through real world applications you can build and use immediately.

While programming puzzles and challenges are fun and necessary to an extent, there is little more satisfying than building something that can actually do something useful. This book in an amazing way to learn by building with python and excellent for beginners.

Perfect for children ages 13 and up who enjoy programming and creating something useful!

Become a Game Designer

Create your own game

Are your children and students interested in making their own videos games and apps that they can share with the world?

Invite them to join over 50,000 students who are already making amazing games with an expert team of instructors.

Students can learn at their own pace as they work their way through the fun video training library. The step by step training is great for all ages and skill levels!

Perfect for video game and app fans ages 10 and up.

“This program has many different steps, websites to access, programs to download. It is better suited for students 12 and up. Younger students might get stuck keeping track of all the videos to watch and programs to download.” -Kristi B, Homeschooler

Teen Coder: Android Programming

Build Android Apps at home

Learn to create Android apps with Java! This two-semester, self-study course teaches students how to program.

Students will create Java programs in the first semester and then use those Java skills to create Android apps in the second semester. Students can learn with an online with a teacher or may choose to receive the printed text for their learning. Both methods are self-paced.

The course is self-managed and parents or teachers only need to monitor and support their students as needed. No programming experience necessary! Students need only to know who to use a computer. This program will teach computer science from the ground up!

Perfect for junior programmers 14 to 18 years old. Great for homeschooling and gifted and talented students as well.

“This course has been extremely helpful to our son. It has helped him learn a subject I would have struggled to teach!” Monica, mom