My transitional kindergartener, first grader, and I recently reviewed the Rock ’N Learn Phonics 4 DVD Set. It is a program with fun and engaging characters paired with catchy, upbeat music to teach various rules of phonics. My daughters are highly motivated by music and reading, so this program was the perfect fit for them.

Skills & Format

The DVDs are broken up by different phonics skills. They start with simpler concepts, and the level of difficulty progresses with each DVD. The phonics skills include vowels, consonants, blends, digraphs, trigraphs, silent e, r-controlled vowels, diphthongs, syllables, rule breakers, and story practice. It is recommended for children in grades kindergarten and older.

“Learning phonics can be a challenge because of the overwhelming amount of rules and the exceptions to rules.”

The Rock ‘N Learn Phonics set is great as an introduction and as a review of various phonics patterns. Learning phonics can be a challenge because of the overwhelming amount of rules and the exceptions to rules. Rock ’N Learn Phonics presents the content in an appealing manner for children, which makes the process of learning phonics more enjoyable.

The phonics lessons are presented by a rock band on stage, brought to life with vivid animation to capture a child’s interest. My children liked the variety of characters in the program. Also, my kids could not help but stand up dance, and chant along with the energetic and lively program. I was pleased to see them so engrossed in phonics!
Each DVD is approximately 35-45 minutes long, with a few sections in each DVD. The length is appropriate for children to target specific phonics rules in its given time. Each segment is presented in chunks, so they are a manageable length for the attention span of children. It also breaks up the content to check for understanding. The on-screen “mouth” will ask the child to try to say the letter, sound, word, or sentences frequently.

If a child cannot say it before him, that is okay as well. The narrator encourages the viewer to say it before the character on the DVD, with the character, or even after if the child needs more review and assistance. This makes it less discouraging for children who dislike the time pressure or making mistakes. This helps invite the children to be more involved as well.

The program is very straightforward with minimal prep.

Rock ’N Learn has a bonus of 80 printable activities on their website. This is a wonderful way to reinforce the skills learned from the program. At the end of each segment, the narrator will suggest which worksheets to print out. The worksheets coincide with the skill that your child just learned. The program is very straightforward with minimal prep, which is perfect for the busy teacher, homeschooler, or parent.

Educational Uses

Rock ’N Learn Phonics DVD set can be used in the classroom, for practice at home, or for homeschool. Because it is in a DVD format, there is flexibility with the number of children viewing it. Whether one child is practicing phonics at home, in small groups or a classroom full of students, Rock ’N Learn Phonics DVDs are suitable for various settings.

Additional Products

In addition to Phonics, Rock ’N Learn has so many other educational products available. There are DVDs, videos, and books teaching reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Check out their products at Educents and find more information at Rock ‘N Learn.

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