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Read and React- Reading Group and Whole Group Activities (Indiana Standards)

The Purrfect Teacher


  • Grades: 1st Grade
  • Subjects: Reading, Writing
  • Product Type: Printable
  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

My students love this product and so do I! Such an easy way to check for understanding and mastery of reading standards. Students will choose a reaction card(125 cards included) from the baggie/cup and then will read and react to the card.

 PLEASE NOTE: Used with First Grade Indiana Standards. Can also be used for excelling kindergartners or second graders who are struggling.

- 125 'reaction cards' that coincide with all applicable Indiana Reading standards.
-Mastery Check sheets that allow you to record their level of mastery for each standard.
-Dividers for you to separate the four reading sections in a binder (Foundations, Literature, Non-Fiction, and Vocabulary)

How to Use
This is an activity that can be implemented during daily reading groups, used as an extension, or as a reading center. Print, laminate, and cut out the ‘reaction cards’. It is up to you to put them all together in a cup/baggie or sort them by category (vocabulary, nonfiction, literature, and foundations). Students will choose a reaction card(125 cards included) from the baggie/cup and then will read and react to the card. (Included in this set are at least 2 reaction cards for each applicable standard) This card may have the student act out something, list, draw and label, etc. After the students have read and reacted to their card, you can record whether they mastered the standard, have a basic understanding of the standard, or did not master the standard. There is also a place for comments. This will help you understand your students’ needs and help them practice their skills daily. I keep my standard check sheets in a binder at my reading group centers. I also use the title pages for each category as a divider in my binder. I have provided blank read and react cards so that you can make your own to meet the needs of your students.


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I am third year teacher. My first year of teaching, I taught both kindergarten and first grade. What a challenge but also what fun! This year, I teach only first grade. I completed my student teaching in a second grade classroom but also have experience in pre-k and fourth grade.


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