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This copywork book includes beautiful excerpts and pictures from the classic "Raggedy Ann Stories" by Johnny Gruelle.

In the early 1900's, Johnny Gruelle wrote and illustrated a book of children's stories about a kind, red-haired rag doll. The book was titled Raggedy Ann Stories and the doll, of course, was Raggedy Ann. This ever-smiling doll has captured the hearts of millions with her sweet, cheerful disposition and her good nature towards all. The stories about her adventures convey such noble virtues as forgiveness, joy, love, peace, and trustworthiness, which makes them good, moral food for children.

Raggedy Ann Copywork contains a collection of excerpts from this well-known book by Johnny Gruelle. Included are quotes of ethical value for your child to learn from as well as events from the story. You'll also find hand-drawn, black and white reproductions of the original illustrations by Johnny Gruelle for your child to color. In addition, there is a bonus full-sized coloring page of Raggedy Ann located in the back of the book.

Homeschooling with a Touch of Class copywork is designed to provide you with copy material for children at various stages of handwriting development as well as bonus features for making handwriting practice fun.

The copywork text is printed in 8 different handwriting formats. They are:

  • dotted traditional manuscript without rule lines,
  • dotted traditional manuscript with primary lines,
  • solid traditional manuscript with blank primary lines for copying,
  • solid traditional manuscript with blank standard lines for copying,
  • dotted traditional cursive without rule lines,
  • dotted traditional cursive with primary lines,
  • solid traditional cursive with blank primary lines for copying,
  • solid traditional cursive with blank standard lines for copying.

To make copywork a more enjoyable experience, these extra features have been included:

  • Black and white illustrations for children to color.
  • Suggestions for fun copywork projects.
  • A list of classical music selections for children to listen to while copying the text.

These have been developed to not only take the stress out of handwriting practice, but to also address the needs of children with different learning styles.

Appropriate for grade 1 and up.

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