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These six games will engage your students while they practice multiplication fluency. Canine Cards (x3-x9) Students each turn over a number card and multiply those numbers. The first student to say the correct product gets both cards. The game keeps going until one student has all the cards. Chow Time (x3-x9) Students take turns turning over multiplication sentence bones. The first student to correctly say the product gets that bone for their dog. Homeward Bound (x4-x9) Students sort the multiple tags to their correct dog house factor. No Bones About It! (x2-x9) Students use a spinner to fill in a multiplication sentence with a partner. After finding five products, they add all products together. The highest product wins that round and gets to color in one of their bones. The student who colors in their five bones first wins. Doggy Dominoes (x2, x3, x5, x6, x9) Students match multiplication sentences with the correct products. Puppy Products (x4, x7, x8) Students play a memory type game with multiplication sentences and products. Check out the preview for more information! I know your students will be howling over these fun games!


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I am a third grade teacher in Texas. I'm currently teaching in the district I grew up in. I love creating activities for my students, crafting and netflixing. :) I'm a Jesus follower, wife and serious Diet Dr. Pepper addict. 

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