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Puffed-Up Pride


  • Grades: All

  • Subjects: All

  • Product Type: Book

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Product Description

FrootBearer™ Series book three. The Ice Skate competition is only a few days away and FB needs help with his figure eight. When he asks Lucy for help, her pride refuses his request. Discover how FB skates around his shameful heart, while Lucy learns from her prideful fall. The two friends discover the "joy" growing inside their winning hearts!

FrootBearer™ Series book three.

Who's it for?

Parents and children

What's included?

32-Page colorful book

Why buy?

The FrootBearer™ series are pint-sized parables on the Character of Christ. A perfect tool for parents who are searching for innovative ways to teach their childen biblical principles. Great for individual at home bible study. In this particular parable, discover how FB's "joy" trips up Lucy's prideful heart and becomes her shameful show.


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About the Seller

FrootBearer™ Series Ministry

FrootBearer™ Series: Pint-sized Parables with Big Lessons! Joyce Ann Evans employs the help of a extraordinary bear with a big heart and a very wise Oak Tree to take children of all ages on an adventure of planting God’s Word inside their hearts and growing the character of Jesus Christ!

FrooTivities™ Series: Where Learning God’s Word is a Frootful Adventure! Each FrooTivity book is designed to directly correspond with the series book of the same title. All activites are created to stimulate the child’s memory of the parable and key bible verse. These fun-filled activities include coloring, puzzles, mazes, word searches and more!


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