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Project based learning Starter Pack: 5th Grade Math


  • Grades: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

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Aligned to 5th grade Math Standards. This includes *six* of my most popular *real life* Project-Based Learning activities, discounted when you buy as a set!

Aligned to 5th grade Math Standards.

This includes *six* of my most popular Project-Based Learning activities, discounted when you buy as a set!

Thanksgiving Dinner PBL
Do you have what it takes to plan a big Thanksgiving dinner? This project will test your kids planning and Math skills! The kids get to decide who they want to invite to their dinner, and the guest list drives this project! They will do real-life calculations using actual grocery store ads and conversion charts when creating their shopping list. Then they get to buy supplies and even decorate! In this turkey-rific project, kids will practice creating a graph from a data table, measurement, and decimal operations!

Kid in a Candy Store PBL
It's every kid's dream to own a candy store! Kids will first "build" and name their candy store. After that, they get to choose what candy to put in it! They will add candy displays to their store using the dimensions provided (in 1/2" scale). They will also calculate the cost of each display and their profit. The kids get to choose every aspect of their store, including their sales prices, which allows for critical thinking skill development! During this sweet project, kids will practice graphing points on a coordinate plane, fractions (halves), and decimal operations. GREAT FOR VALENTINE'S DAY!

Holiday Cookie Exchange
This project focuses on:
-Fraction Operations (add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators)
-Decimal Operations (add, subtract, and multiply decimals)

Are your students so excited about the holidays that they can't seem to concentrate on their work? This project will get them out of their seats, happily practicing the Math they've learned this year! Students will put their Math skills to work planning their very own holiday cookie exchange, using the delicious cookie recipes of their choosing.

Lemonade Stand
Lemonade Stands are a part of growing up! In this project, kids will be given a budget to purchase supplies for their lemonade stand. They will have to do some critical thinking by choosing essential supplies first, and estimating how many lemons & limes they will need to serve their customers. They will even do a cost analysis to make sure their business plan works! During this summer-inspired project, kids will practice decimal and fraction operations!

This project based learning integrates:
-Multiplying Fractions
-Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators
-Multiplying Decimals
-Adding & Subtracting Decimals

Field Trip to Space
Have you ever wondered what field trips will be like in the future? During this activity, kids get to choose from some wonderful field trips to space. They then calculate the cost of the trips and compare them using graphs. The data they choose will help them make a final decision on their field trip! Once that decision is made, they will use volume to pack (and build) their suitcase. In this out of this world activity, kids will practice volume, graphing, and decimal operations.

Personal Budget PBL
Your kids will get their first peek at the process of creating a budget! Kids love having choices, and this project gives them the choices they want! Throughout this project, they get to choose their career, car, and house. Their choices may be limited depending on the salary they get with their career. During this fun activity, kids will practice percentages and decimal operations (multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction).

This is a BEST SELLING Project-Based Learning activity! Teach your students real life math skills using this high-interest PBL, while applying Math standards they've learned! Your students will begin thinking about what career path they want to take, and will look at real life data on average salary, housing, food, and transportation costs. Supplementary articles on personal finance and functional text may be brought into this lesson to connect with Reading standards.

This resource includes a 7-page introduction on how to implement PBL in your traditional or homeschool classroom. This same introduction is included in all of my PBL activities.


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    An amazing packet
    May 30, 2016

    This is an amazing packet.
    I appreciate real life project-based learning activities, as they're fun and educational. And kids really enjoy them too.

    Berri - Parent

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