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  • Grades: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade
  • Subjects: Math
  • Product Type: N/A
  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

5 engaging math activities for probability!

5 Probability Center Activities + 5 Activity Worksheets/Recording Sheets

* Differentiated learning tasks included

Center 1
Costume Probability: Students use a list of costume accessories to create a tree diagram to determine the number of possible costume combinations. They also answer questions about the accessories (relates to adding and subtracting money).

Center 2
Ice Cream Probability: Students use 12 ice cream cut-outs to create an outcome list or tree diagram to determine the number of possible outcomes. This set comes with differentiated worksheets that work with students at different levels.

Center 3
Bubblegum Probability: Students determine the likelihood of choosing gumballs, or determine the theoretical probability of choosing gumballs. This set comes with 2 sets of 8 probability problems (16 total). The sets are the same, but are geared toward different ability levels.

Center 4
Roll My Number: Students roll a die a set number of times and record the numbers rolled in the tables provided. Then, they determine the theoretical and experimental probability.

Center 5
Trash Ball Probability: Students record the number of baskets of each of their teammates. Then, they determine whether their teammate will make their next shot based on the probability.


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