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Presidents Song CD


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  • Subjects: Social Studies

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Product Description

Sing along and learn the names of all the U.S. Presidents in order from George Washington to Barack Obama. Fun and easy!

Sing along with this catchy tune by Sue Dickson to quickly and easily learn the names of all the U.S. Presidents from George Washington - Barack Obama. The song introduces the Presidents in sequence in a delightful and enjoyable way that students will never forget! Students report that this song has "saved them" on tests taken in high school and even college!  Listen below:



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Sue Dickson's Songs That Teach
(1 Review)

Sue Dickson's Songs That Teach uses music to teach  foundational information.  Sue's songs quickly and easily teach children the US Presidents, Inventors and Inventions,  the Constitution, Sight Words, as well as the basic addition/subtraction facts and the multiplication/division facts. 

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