Prefix and Suffix Bubblicious Fun!


  • Grades: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade

  • Subjects: Reading, Writing

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These activities are designed to give your students practice with use and understanding of basic prefixes and suffixes using a bubble gum theme.

Each activity offers student friendly, hands-on experiences and comes with a student task card, templates and recording sheets. They can be used to introduce or reinforce skills taught in class. This packet includes the following:1. Grade Level Common Core Standards Addressed (K-3)2. Root Word, Prefix and Suffix Anchor Charts 3. Poppin' Prefixes:Students make a flap book with the prefixes: un, re, dis and pre. They will add a prefix to the given root words and sort them into the correct categories.4. Sticky Suffix Sort: Students make flap books with suffixes. Two different versions are included. Suffixes addressed are: less, ful, able, ly, er (2 meanings) and est. Students will identify the root word and suffixes in given words and sort them correctly.5. Double Bubble Prefixes and Suffixes: Students sort picture cards into prefix and suffix categories and record their answers.6. Bubblicious I SPY Prefixes and Suffixes: This activity can be used as a center or placed around the room. Students answer and identify questions about prefixes and suffixes and record their answers.(answer key provided)7. Bubblicious Craftivity: This activity can be used as review or as an assessment.Students will make a boy or girl blowing a bubble gum bubble. They will then write a prefix/suffix, the root word and the new word to demonstrate understanding of the standards taught.

Number of pages: 49

Grade range: K-3


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