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  • Grades: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

  • Subjects: Math, Science

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  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

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Product Description

Plants: This fantastic plant bundle also reinforces Math/ELA skills as you teach about plants. We have fun plant task cards, plant scoot games, printables, an Mp3 song about the plant cycle and more. Over 100 pages to keep your kids interested in plants for awhile!

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What is included?

Plant Song Mp3
Teacher’s Guide pg.4
Plant Song Book pg. 5-10
Plant Song Coloring book pg. 11-16
Matching Pictures to Words pg.17-18
Quentin’s Word Find Task Cards pg.19-34
Word Find Recording Sheet pg.35
Beginning Sounds for Spring Sheet pg.36
Beginning Sounds for Spring Answer Sheet pg.37
Butterfly Subtraction Sheet pg.38
Short/Long Vowel a Mushroom Sheet pg.39
Short/Long Vowel u Sun Sheet pg.40
Short/Long Vowel o Raindrop Sheet pg.41
Short/Long Vowel e Bird Sheet pg.42
Short/Long Vowel I Watering Can Sheet pg.43
Fill in the Blank Sheet pg.44
Plant Parts Cut/Paste Sequencing Cards pg.45-46
Addition Cut/Paste Flower Pots pg.47
Teacher’s Guide for Word Family Task Cards pg.48
Word Family Task cards pg.49-54
Word Family Recording Sheet pg.55
Word Family Answer Sheet pg.56  
Leaf Word Sort teacher’s Guide pg.57
Leaf Sort Cards pg.58-67
Word Sort Headings pg.68
Word Sort Answer Sheets pg.69-72
Fruit Fraction Sheet pg.73
Garden Snail Addition Sheet pg.74
Root Cut/Paste Subtraction Sheet pg.75
Plant Stake Money Sheet pg.76
Scoot Directions pg.77
Missing Addends Subtraction Scoot Cards pg. 78-84
Missing Addends Subtraction Recording Sheet pg.85
Missing Addends Subtraction Answer Sheet pg.86
Missing Addends Addition Scoot Cards pg.87-93
Missing Addends Addition Recording Sheet pg.94
Missing Addends Addition Answer Sheet pg.95
Manipulatives pg. 96-97

Why Buy it?

This plant bundle has it al! Your kiddos will have fun singing and dancing to the Plant Song, working on ELA skills   for vowels, word family sorts, math sheets and games and books on the plant cycle and more!


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We are Pam and Brittany and we are a mother/daughter team that have combined our passions for education and music! Pam is a first grade teacher that has been in elementary education for 30 years and Brittany is a preschool administrator that has been writing music and singing 10 years. As we have uncovered the power of music in education, we have strived to integrate it and other modality-centered activities into our products. Our mascot is a cute little penguin named Quality Quentin and he is featured in several of our products. The kiddos love him!

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