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Place Value Unit


  • Grades: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

  • Subjects: Math

  • Product Type: Printable

  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

This comprehensive Place Value Unit has everything you need to help kids learn to represent, order, compare, and round whole numbers. Games, activities, and detailed lessons all ready-to-go!

Place Value Made Easy! In this 3 Week Place Value Unit, students learn to represent, compare, order, and round numbers to 100,000 with engaging lessons and games.

Who is This For? 
3rd Grade Students
Teachers wanting detailed and engaging lessons for teaching all aspects of place value.

What is Included? 
* 80+ pages of resources
* Pre and Post Assessments
* Learning Objectives and Focus Questions
* 14 Lessons
* Games and Activities 
* 3 Bonus Math Stations

This unit is designed to be fun and rigorous with minimal teacher prep or extra materials. Lessons are aligned to the Texas STAAR test which calls for experiencing concepts in a variety of challenging ways.

Lessons can easily be integrated into any type of math instruction and are designed for flexibility in differentiating based on classroom needs. 

Daily Lessons include 3 parts:
Activate: Getting the kids engaged and thinking
Explore: Allowing kids to "mess around" with the concepts
Assess: Challenging kids to show their understanding so far

Lessons include varied activities such as partner work, games, foldups, real-world problem solving, hands-on exploration and more. Students use multiple resources to scaffold learning such as number lines, rounding mats, manipulatives, pictorial representations, etc.

The Pre and Post-Assessments are designed to give you and the student detailed feedback on areas of strength and need. Each assessment has 16 questions broken up into 4 categories (representing, ordering, comparing, rounding) and include a simple graph so that both you and the student can easily assess progress.

Why Buy? 
This comprehensive math unit has everything you need to help kids build conceptual and practical knowledge of the base ten system and place value skills. Great for Math Workshop with tips for easy differentiation!

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Thanks so much! I hope you found just what you needed!:)
Kady from The Teacher Trap 


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