Piggy, Piggy ~ Adding and Subtracting Ten and Multiples of Ten

Primary Inspiration by Linda Nelson


  • Grades: 1st Grade
  • Subjects: Math
  • Product Type: Printable
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Product Description

Eight fun games for first grade place value practice! Fill your math centers with these engaging games for adding and subtracting ten and multiples of ten.

This game set for small groups or math centers is designed to reinforce your teaching of mentally adding and subtracting ten and multiples of ten. It includes these eight games:

* "Piggy, Piggy!" card game for adding and subtracting ten.

* "Piggy, Piggy, Is it True?" board game in two formats, one for partner play and the other for independent work. This set includes four differentiated card sets for use with either board: set one for adding multiples of ten, set two for subtracting multiples of ten, set three for both adding and subtracting multiples of ten, and set four for adding two numbers and using the commutative property.

* "Mudslide" board game for moving up and back on the number grid by 10 and 20.

* "Plus Ten Little Piggies", a four-in-a-row game for adding two numbers and then adding ten
to the sum.

* "Hog Wild Showdown!", a battle card game (44 cards) for number expressions with multiple
steps, like "44+10+10" or "56-10+10"

Also included is a piggy-themed hundred chart, for extra support as needed.

Thanks for your interest in this resource!
Linda Nelson


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Primary Inspiration by Linda Nelson
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I'm proud to have been a teacher for 26 years, with most of my experience and my happiest days spent in the primary grades. I've taught Reading Recovery, Basic Skills, first grade, and even a first grade literacy intervention class. As a big believer in hands-on learning, you'll see that center activities and games are among my favorite resources to create! Student engagement is key to learning that lasts, so I strive to create differentiated fun activities that will keep your students excited about learning!

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