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Sequencing Cards (Beginning Middle End and First Next Last)

A Teacher's Idea

Sequencing Cards ***UPDATED 12.25.16. This set now has 184 sequencing cards as more sequences were added including 80 4-scene sequencing cards*** View Full Description
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Product Description

Sequencing Cards ***UPDATED 12.25.16. This set now has 184 sequencing cards as more sequences were added including 80 4-scene sequencing cards***

Sequencing Cards***UPDATED 12.25.16. This set now has 184 sequencing cards as more sequences were added including 80 4-scene sequencing cards***

LEARNING OUTCOMES: These cards can be used to assist pre-k students or other learners in understanding the order in which stories and events can occur. Students get an opportunity to:- -Follow directions-Discriminate between pictures-Improve visual awareness-Retell stories and events in sequence-Build oral vocabulary skills-Build narrative (story) skills-Improve sequencing skills-Ask and answer “wh” questions themselves for clarity.

SUGGESTED USE:These simple picture cards are lots of fun to sequence! Kids will arrange 3 cards or 4 cards in logical order to complete each sequence. Use these simple COLOR-CODED picture sequencing cards to practice sequencing in 3-scene and 4-scene sets with your young detectives.


DIFFERENTIATION/EXTENSION: For students having difficulty with sequences it is suggested that you scaffold learning by working individually with them as a guide on the side, gradually releasing support as time goes by. To start, simply select one sequence set and present the final picture first to allow him or her to see the BIG PICTURE. Then have the student place the remaining pictures in the correct order back up to the beginning to complete the sequence. For the stronger students you can challenge them to write the story in sequence using the cards as a guide. They can write two or three sentences about each card then ultimately putting sentences together to create their own piece.


CONTENTS OF RESOURCE: This set includes:--3-Scene Sequencing Cards. There are 84 cards that form 16 sequences--4-Scene Sequencing Cards. There are 80 cards that form 20 sequences. Each card measures 2.83" x 3.5". Each set is COLOR-coded to facilitate easy ordering. --2 three-scene and 2 four-scene mats--2 Story Sequencing writing sheets ( formatted with frame labels 1-2-3 and first-next-last) and 2 Event Sequencing writing sheets (formatted with frame labels 1-2-3 and first-then-last) for 3-scene sequencing only. Simply print the cards and mats and laminate for longevity. This set makes a great center activity.


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