Penguin Unit ~ Nonfiction and Fiction with Tacky the Penguin


  • Grades: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade

  • Subjects: Reading, Science

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Product Description

Penguin Activities for a fun mix of fiction and non-fiction. Students will learn about penguins in general, 8 different types of penguins, habitats, adaptations and diet. A powerpoint with lots of real photos and links to videos will help your lesson come to life.

36 Activities Include: 

Penguin Vocabulary Cards
All About Penguins Informational Text
Label the Penguin Parts Activity
Little Blue Informational Text 
Little Blue Response Questions
Chinstrap Penguin Informational Text
Chinstrap Response Questions
Emperor Informational Text
Emperor Response Questions
Galapagos Informational Text
Galapagos Response Questions
Gentoo Informational Text
Gentoo Response Questions
King Penguin Informational Text
King Penguin Response Questions
Rockhopper Informational Text
Rockhopper Response Questions
Macaroni Penguin Informational Text
Macaroni Penguin Response Questions
Penguin Research/Trading Cards
Story comparison penguin shaped venn-diagram
Penguin fiction/non-fiction comparison venn diagram
4 days of Vocabulary practice. 
Interactive Tacky mini-book
Tacky the Penguin Problem/Solution
Tacky Interview-Character Analysis
Tacky the Penguin Close Read Guide
Character Analysis Graphic for note-taking and brainstorming
Close read response writng sheet
Adjective/Noun/Verb sort
Three Cheers for Tacky setting response
Tacky and the Emperor Problem/Solution
Favorite Tacky story opinion writing
Tacky craftivity-Frame for opinion writing
Penguin fact/fiction sort
Penguin non-fiction research pamphlet


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