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Human Body Wall Reusable Sticker Science Set


  • Grades: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade

  • Subjects: Science

  • Product Type: Toy

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Product Description

Learn science and anatomy with these durable fabric educational decal sets- 2ft tall! They can work for younger children and older children alike. Whether you are homeschooling multiple aged children or looking for something to challenge kids in the classroom, the interactive wall play sets will fit in perfectly. Most commonly used for 2nd grade - 8th grade, ages 7 years old - 14 years old.

Includes the skeletal system, muscular and circulatory system. Covers the systems of the body (digestive, circulatory, nervous, muscular, skeletal). Learn to recognize organs and bones. They don’t take up any room and can be reattached to the backing, rolled up and stored for next year’s lessons!



The bright and colorful wall decals make a perfect educational tool for visual learners.  Kinesthetic learners will love touching the pieces and moving them around from place to place.  The educational sets can be combined with verbal instruction to satisfy auditory learners as well.


We’ve discovered a way to create something you haven’t seen before using superior materials:


  • A fabric that is endlessly adhesive because it’s cleanable – all it needs is a little rubbing alcohol
  • A fabric that is durable – tearing and ripping is out of the question
  • A fabric that has maximum versatility – walls become a creative canvas
  • A fabric that is safe for every family – No BPA, lead or PVC
  • We are proud to support our community by manufacturing in the USA


 The educational human body play set teaches the following skills:


  • Anatomy
  • Systems of the body (digestive, circulatory, nervous, muscular, skeletal)
  • Recognition of organs
  • Organ placement in the body
  • Recognition of bones
  • Bone placement in the body
  • Integration of body systems
  • Spelling 

With additional resources it can be integrated to teach about use and function of muscles, organs and bones.  Joint types, more detailed anatomy and diseases of the body can also be addressed using this set. 



  • Full set:  22” x 24”
  • Each body is 22”H x 8.5”W


To get your free teaching guide click HERE. 




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    Great supplement for science!
    Dec 31, 2017

    I love the Mona Melisa play sets as added supplements for science class. I do agree with another reviewer that the teaching guide really doesn't add anything, though. But if you're just wanting something fun to go along with what the kids are already learning in homeschool science or even as a public school help, these sets are wonderful! They can be used and reused multiple times and come off the walls very easily every time.

    Celena M - Seller on Educents
    Needs improvement .
    Dec 25, 2016

    Very good quality, but needs a lot of improvement. They provide labels for organs that aren't included in the set, and if you aren't already very familiar with human anatomy you're going to have a hard time with this. The "teaching guide" link on the website led me to what appears to be promotional material, because it certainly wasn't a teaching guide. This is, at best, a secondary supplement. I much prefer Squishy Human Body for teaching anatomy.

    Nice Quality
    Jun 25, 2016

    These are very nice decals - a little hard for my kids to manipulate, but my kids are very little still (4 and 5) so the older they get the easier it will be for them. I'm impressed by how well they stick! They are very large!! Thanks for a great product :)

    Ellen - Homeschooler
    Love it!!!
    Jun 03, 2016

    We got this today and my son loves it! We are homeschooling again next year and this will add a new level to his favorite subject, Science.
    I am thankful it is reusable and tough material.

    Fun Decals
    May 17, 2016

    These were fun to put together and seem durable. The only issue I have is the photo when I bought them looked like it included the nervous system but this particular deal doesn't include them which is fine within itself but now Im stuck with an incomplete set to teach my child and can't buy just the nervous system by itself.

    Paige - Homeschooler

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Our educational toys and lessons were designed by a homeschool mom that was tired of 'worksheeting her daughter to death!'  Our belief is that in order for children to best learn and absorb information, they need to be a part of the educational experience.  To be able to touch, feel, move and interact with their lessons, allows children to become masters of those lessons, and their environment.  Please join us in creating a generation of inspired thinkers and imaginative minds!

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