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Pattern Play


  • Grades: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

  • Subjects: Math

  • Product Type: Toy

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Product Description

Pattern Play consists of a sturdy wooden tray and forty brightly colored wooden blocks of varying shapes and sizes. Arrange the blocks to match the challenge cards or even try inventing your own patterns!
Discover the beautiful connection between creativity and learning!

Pattern Play consists of a sturdy wooden tray and forty brightly colored wooden blocks of varying shapes and sizes.

Start simple with one of the Beginner challenge cards. - On it is printed a vibrantly colorful design. - It's up to you to try and arrange all the colorful wooden blocks to perfectly match the designs on the cards!

Minds both young and old are filled with excitement as they work their way all the way from beginner to expert.

Meanwhile, with math concepts like sorting, matching, symmetry, congruence, and fractions being shown vividly through every placement of another colorful block, young brains grow stronger and stronger.

Before you know it, you've developed a brilliant pattern of educational excellence!

Whether you're testing your noggin against the challenge cards or delving into your own creative adventure, Pattern Play is sure to get your brain-gears spinning and connecting beautifully.

Pattern Play
  • Wooden tray and set of 40 colorful blocks for building and experimenting with patterns
  • Encourages fine motor skills, math skills, visual-spatial skills, logic, creativity
  • A thrilling tool for developing a brilliant pattern of educational excellence
  • Try to arrange blocks to match designs on challenge cards
  • Challenge cards range in difficulty from beginner to expert
  • Kids can also try inventing their own patterns
  • Includes wooden play tray, 40 colorful pattern blocks in varying shapes, sizes, and colors
  • 40 challenge cards and cloth drawstring storage bag also included
  • Tray measures 10.5 x 10.5 inches
  • High quality wood materials - Designed for lasting durability and safety
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      Jan 03, 2017

      Wow..this item was in great shape when I received it and the wood is great quality. It even came with a little pouch to keep it stored all neat and tidy so no blocks are lost. My child is very happy and spends hours on creative play. It's fun for parents too!

      wonderful quality
      Dec 26, 2016

      This was a gift for my 8 year old granddaughter who loves the new style of coloring books with all the patterns and such. This set of blocks was a hit. She and her younger sister played for hours making all the sample patterns that are included. The sample cards are very sturdy and durable. The blocks and the frame they sit in are smooth and weighty. Even the box is nice quality. It made a very nice gift that I was proud to give her.

      Craig T
      Pattern Play
      Nov 28, 2016

      This is a quality wood toy that will last for many years. The bright colors got my four year old's attention right away. I have also had fun creating colorful designs, as it reminded me of something that I played with as a child. I love the no batteries required toys, as they seem to keep a childs attention the longest. I look forward to watching my daughters create with this.

      Hannah C
      A rating of Pattern Play
      Nov 28, 2016

      This is an awesome toy to stimulate the mind and teach problem solving and creative thinking.

      Hannelore C
      Lovely, fun and good for you!
      Nov 28, 2016

      This is an excellent item that I strongly recommend! I bought one for myself, and then bought one for my mother, too. The colors are bright and attractive, the shapes are interesting and varied, and there are 40 full-color designs for you to put together. It would depend on the person's particular disabilities, but I find it takes just a few minutes--enjoyable minutes--for me to put together one of the patterns. And every time, the results are satisfying, because it is pretty! The parts are all wood, the frame that holds them is wood, and there is just enough room for you to move them in and out of the frame. When done with a pattern, you can align it to perfection! It comes with a nice cloth bag to store it in. I recommend that you immediately put the precious pattern cards into a small, zippered clear plastic bag to protect them. Those are very valuable! When you sit down to put a pattern together, look through the cards to pick one, put it on top, and then put them back in the clear plastic bag so the one you are working on will be visible, but protected with the others. This is a great item!

      Billy C

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