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Looking for a FUN and ENGAGING way to teach, review, and solidify the eight parts of speech? Well look no further - this MEGA packet of Parts of Speech Interactive Notebook foldables is for you!

45-page packet includes foldables AND suggested answer keys for each of the following:
Overview Foldable: Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb
Noun: Person, Place, Thing
Noun: Person, Place, Thing, Idea
Nouns: Common vs. Proper
Nouns: Singular vs. Plural
Identifying Nouns in a sentence
Pronouns: definition & examples
Pronouns: singular vs. Plural &Subject vs. Object
Verbs: Action vs. Linking
Identifying verbs in a sentence
Verb tenses: past, present, and future
Vivid verbs: identifying action vs. linking and tense
Adjectives: definition & examples
Describing with Adjectives
Adverbs: definition & examples
Prepositional Phrases
Conjunctions: identifying
Conjunctions: practice
Interjections: identifying
Articles: a, an, the

Resource created by: Jessica Lawler
Joy in the Journey


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