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Word Work and Writing BUNDLE for the Middle Grades to Middle School

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  • Subjects: Reading, Writing

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This Word Work and Writing BUNDLE combines the following items: -Journal of the Week: 40-High-Interest Writing Prompts -Word of the Day: Word Work for Middle School -Sentence of the Day: Sentenc...
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Wow! You get SO much with this!  leslie - Parent

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Product Description

This Word Work and Writing BUNDLE combines the following items: -Journal of the Week: 40-High-Interest Writing Prompts -Word of the Day: Word Work for Middle School -Sentence of the Day: Sentence Editing Practice

Word of the Day Description: Looking for "Word Work" in your middle school classroom that you can implement right away and and implement for only minutes everyday? This is the teaching tool for you from Mrs. Beers' Language Arts Class!

This 186-slide PDF powerpoint is the perfect morning starter for your middle grades learners that can be utilized everyday of the school year.

Packed with vocabulary words your students need to know, each slide includes the word's part of speech and a grade-level appropriate definition, with a picture to allow students to better visualize the meaning. By incorporating the Word of the Day Organizer students will touch on prefixes, suffixes, roots/bases, synonyms, antonyms, and fluent and thoughtful sentence writing...all the word work that needs to be incorporated into common core!

Students will be introduced to vocabulary words that will make them become more fluent in both their reading and writing.

This is a MUST HAVE classroom resource!
-Font of Word of the Day slides is Century Gothic
-Clip art and definitions
-Word of the Day student organizer
-Table of Contents
-Clear directions to utilize in your classroom more effectively
-Student notes for review of: parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, suffixes, root/base words
-Lists of words for student tracking
Estimated Lexile Measure: 1010

Sentence of the Day Description:

With this Sentence of the Day daily sentence editing to enhance student writing in grades 4-8, your students will get the practice and reinforcement needed to identify: spelling, capitalization, grammar, and punctuation errors more successfully and efficiently in minutes a day!

Utilize this tool as a daily warm-up or in a writing center to enhance your students' ability to edit more effectively.

This 313 power point PDF includes:
-A how- to best use this product for teachers
-student directions
-capitalization and punctuation mini lessons
-common edit marks chart
-150-high-interest sentences to be edited with clip art
-150-answer slides that follow each slide needing to be edited

Directions for Use:
1. Simply project sentence of the day.
2. Students copy incorrect sentence in their composition or writer's notebook.
3. Students use editing marks to edit the sentence and re-write the correct sentence.
4. Teacher can correct with the whole class or students can self-check work with the answer slide.

You will see an instant improvement in your students' writing and editing with the use of this Sentence of the Day tool!


Journal of the Week Description:

Are you looking for a high-interest writing tool to motivate your student writers? Are you in need of a weekly prompt for the duration of the school year that students can utilize as a component of their Writer's Notebooks?

This No PREP Post and Go Journal of the Week contains:
-40-high-interest middle grade journal prompts at the ready in a power point document
-Directions for student writers
-Rubrics to help guide students to perform at the highest level.

If you are wanting to see more thoughtful writing from your students without the dreaded questions, "How much do I have to write? or How long does this need to be?" Then, this is the classroom tool for you!

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    Wow! You get SO much with this!

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    Jun 04, 2016

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