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Whether they are the youngest, oldest, middle, or only, kids will have no shortage of fun with this award-winning, six-book set. These warm and engaging books help kids explore their important role...
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Product Description

Whether they are the youngest, oldest, middle, or only, kids will have no shortage of fun with this award-winning, six-book set. These warm and engaging books help kids explore their important role in the family.

Who is it for?

  • Pre-K
  • Kindergarteners (5 to 6-year-olds)
  • 1st Graders (6 to 7-year-olds)
  • 2nd Graders, (7 to 8-year-olds)
  • 3rd Graders (8 to 9-year-olds)
  • 4th Graders (9 to 10-year-olds)
  • 5th Graders (10 to 11-year-olds)
  • Bilingual & ESL students


What's included?

  • If My Mom Were a Platypus: Mother and babies. Babies and mothers. They are everywhere—in caves, burrows, dens, rivers, fields, treetops, oceans, and houses. All over the world, in all kinds of habitats, mothers bring forth new life. All mammal mothers feed, protect, and teach their young—tasks that often challenge their own needs for survival. All mammal babies must learn how to feed and protect themselves. Depending on whether the baby is a bear or a bat, a shrew or a seal, a koala or a kid, the journey to maturity varies dramatically. This fascinating introduction to the world of mammals reveals how fourteen mammal babies travel the path from helpless infants to self-sufficient adults.


    With its captivating illustrations, If My Mom Were a Platypus is as engaging visually as it is verbally. Designed for kids 8-12 as an independent reader, it is purchased routinely for younger kids as a read-aloud, by high school teachers as a biological narrative, and by adults as a gift for mothers and sisters.Ages 8-12, Grades 3-664 Pages, Paperback, Full ColorActivity Guide AvailableHands-On Demonstrations Guide Available

  • Look What I See! Where Can I Be? With My Animal Friends: A charming baby dozes during each of her family's outings. Wakened by the sounds and smells of the places where different animals reside, Baby opens her eyes and sees a lively detail—an eye, an ear, a hoof, a head in this beautifully photographed book. Help Baby solve the mysteries of this guessing game book filled with beautiful photographs. Where would she see a dolphin's face? Where would she see the furry ears of a German shepherd pup? This book celebrates the fun of exploring new places, the excitement of seeing real animals, and the joy of bringing home a new pet.Ages 1-448 Pages, HardbackActivity Guide Available 


  • Zack in the Middle: This Easy Reader features seven-year-old Zack and his family. Having a big sister is bad enough; try having two sisters—one bigger, one smaller. Sandwiched between a bossy fifth-grader who doesn’t have time to play with him and a mischievous baby who follows him everywhere, our hero, seven-year-old Zack, learns to love being surrounded by his sisters. An accessible text and humorous full--color illustrations bring Zack’s plight--and its happy solution-to life.Ages: 6-9Full Color, Hardback48 PagesActivity Guide Available


  • Nurtured and Nuzzled / Criados y Acariciados: Babies, whether in snowy dens, warm lagoons, cozy nests, or living rooms, are nurtured and nuzzled. These beautiful images of animal and human families will capture the imagination of even the youngest readers.

    Los bebés, ya sea en cuevas de nieve, lagunas cálidas, nidos acogedores o salas de estar, son criados y acariciados. Estas bellas imágenes de familias hasta capturarán la imaginación de los lectores más jóvenes.Ages 0-5Bilingual, English and Spanish24 Pages, PaperbackTeacher's Guide Available

    Edad 0-5 Bilingüe, Español e inglésLibro de bolsillo, 24 PaginasAudio Narrations Available     - The Book as Written (Integrated English and Spanish)     - English and Spanish Pronunciation Guide     - English Only     - Spanish Only 

  • I Was Born to Be a Sister: It’s a whole new world for a new big sister! A new baby! The narrator of this sprightly story was overjoyed when her parents brought a baby brother into her life. At last, she was a sister. What an all-fun adventure… at first. In this ebullient chronicle of a girl’s journey into sisterhood, we watch as the adorable baby grows into an annoying, pesky toddler. But what she learns—that a lasting friendship between big sister and little brother is actually possible—will satisfy young readers, whichever side of the relationship they are on. Beautifully illustrated and includes a CD with story and original songs for sisters and brothers to sing.Ages 3-7Hardcover, Full Color32 PagesActivity Guide Available


  • I Was Born to Be a Brother: Having a baby sister around the house is quite an adventure! The charming narrator of this story takes a refreshingly clear-eyed look at life with a baby and the responsibilities that it brings. Someone, after all, has to teach her how to make truck noises and push the right button in the elevator. But it is only when his baby sister goes from being totally irresistible to totally irritating that he discovers how much she really loves him—and how much he really loves her! This book has engaging illustrations and includes a CD with story and original songs for sisters and brothers to sing.Ages 3-9Hardcover, Full Color32 PagesActivity Guide AvailableIncludes an audio CD with original songs and book narration.


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