Two Tubes of Ladybug Larvae

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Ships Live! Use your Ladybug Land habitat again and again! This time you can raise double the ladybugs!
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Ships Live! Use your Ladybug Land habitat again and again! This time you can raise double the ladybugs!

Your 2 tubes of baby ladybugs will arrive at your door in a temporary home, a plastic tube complete with nutritious food and instructions. Be sure you are available to accept and open the package immediately. You should already have the Ladybug Land Habitat in which to house your baby ladybugs.


Release your ladybugs within a week of their emergence from the pupas. Follow these suggestions if you would like your ladybugs to remain in your garden:



    • Try to release them in the early morning when temperatures have reached at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


    • Before you let your ladybugs go, lightly mist your plants and flowers with water to provide a natural place for thirsty ladybugs to drink.


    • Look for plants that are infested with ladybugs’ favorite food -aphids, whiteflies, thrips, or any soft-bodied insect. Be sure to release your ladybugs near this food source.


  • Ladybugs like to live under rocks, roots and logs, so it is helpful to release them near these hiding places as well!

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Insect Lore is the Original Butterflies-By-Mail Company, founded by entomologist Carlos White. It was Carlos’ dream to provide children with the opportunity to witness the wonder of butterfly metamorphosis up close in the home and classroom. After years of research and development, Insect Lore launched in 1969 with the creation of our beloved flagship butterfly-growing kit, the Live Butterfly Garden. Decades later, Insect Lore ships hundreds of thousands of caterpillars and butterfly kits to excited families and students across the US, the UK and Europe each year. Our innovative product line now includes ladybug, praying mantis and ant growing kits, as well as hands-on educational products that make science more approachable and relatable to young learners.

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