Time: Activities for Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour

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This product has fun, interactive activities that help teach students how to tell time to the hour and half-hour.
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This product has fun, interactive activities that help teach students how to tell time to the hour and half-hour.

his packet is all about telling and writing TIME to the hour and half hour. There are several activities included. Check out the preview to get a glimpse of all of the activities.

1. There’s “snow” TIME like the “present”- This is a sorting game. There are two different sorts. TRUE/FALSE- students look at digital and analog clocks and determine if they are the same time or not. HOUR/HALF HOUR- using the true cards, students can sort the time by hour and half hour. There are 5 worksheets to accompany these word sorts.

2. Once upon a TIME…- There are three classic fairy tale books for the students to read and find the matching times that each event happens in the book. They cut/paste the clocks into their books. The books include The Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, and The Three Little Pigs. The books are written at about a middle of first grade level. There is a worksheet to go along with each story for students to go back into the book and find out the times of different events from the stories and write them on their worksheet.

3. TIME of my life…- This is a book that students can write down the times (both digital and analog) of the activities that occur throughout their school day. You can pick and choose what pages and the order you want to put them in depending on your school day.  

4. Hickory Dickory Dock- This activity allows the students to practice writing the time on an analog clock. They can practice in a fun way by singing the song Hickory Dickory Dock. There are 2 worksheets to accompany this activity where the students have to find the mystery time that the mouse ran up the clock.

5. Race Against Time- There are two different games where the students can match analog and digital times as well as the word phrases o’clock, and half past. Directions for each game are included.
6. Assessments- There are six different assessment worksheets where the students have to read and write the time.  

These activities meet Common Core State Standards requirements:


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