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This is a THEME BOX resource! Create your Three Pigs THEME BOX using these resources and ideas! Then fill a box with them! Pull it out and re-use it year after year!
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Product Description

This is a THEME BOX resource! Create your Three Pigs THEME BOX using these resources and ideas! Then fill a box with them! Pull it out and re-use it year after year!

Who is it for?

Prek-Kinder, homeschool or classrooms 

Why Buy It? 

Students and teachers alike have more fun when they learn and teach through a theme. Get your students exctied about learning! 

This Theme Box Creation Kit includes:
B&W student printables! Don’t waste your ink! AND full color projectable modeling pages for teaching!
-Building Background Activities
-Farm Web Lesson Plan
-Three Pigs Sensory Basket Lesson Plan
-Pig Talk Speaking Activity and Lesson Plan
-Pig Mask
-Real or Pretend? (Fiction/Non-fiction Exploration) Lesson Plan
-Real and Pretend Statement Sorting Cards

Reading Comprehension
-Read Aloud Lesson Plan
-Story Sequence Worksheet and Lesson Plan
-Stranger Danger Optional Ending and Lesson Plan
-Bulleting Board Idea
-Puppet Retell Lesson Plan
-Student free standing Puppets

-{ P,, and G, H, A, W } Letter Writing Practice
-Write About Lesson Plan

Phonics and Letter Recognition
-Student Phonics Sorts
Sound sort Cut and Pastes {consonant B, P, S, G, H, W}
Short I Color and Circle {vowel sounds, short I}
-Letter Identification:
Identify the letter (3 Pig Houses) (Teacher required) *Read the letters to the students and let them identify the house. Observation check list.
-Uppercase/Lowercase Letter Match
Match the uppercase and lowercase letters (Student Center)
-Fun with Letter Identification:
Paint the letter pink (letter p)
Build the letter with blocks (H)
Wolf Coloring page (W)
I spy a word with….(I )
Play Dough Mats (G, S, B)
-Site Words:-Site word cut outs for take home/ in-class center
Site word Student Progress Sheet (for teacher use)
-Folder Labels for your Files
-The Three Little Pigs Projectable Retell of the Story

Terms of Use


All right reserved.  Purchase of this item entitles the purchaser the right to reproduce the pages in limited quantities for classroom use only.  Duplication for an entire school, and entire school system or commercial purposes is strictly forbidden. 


Copying any part of this product and placing it on the internet in any form (even a personal/classroom website) is strictly forbidden and is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Theses items will be located by Google and traced back to the publishing site.  If you would like to share the resources contained in this product with another teacher, please purchase an additional license (s).


I hope you find this product to be a useful resource as you seek to educate and equip your students with the skills to perform at the best of their abilities. Once again I sincerely appreciate your purchase. 


~Shelley Lee

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I am an exprienced classroom and homeschoool educator with a Master's in Reading Curriculum and Instruction. My passion is designing and producing "meaty" educational resources for both the classroom and homeschool educator.

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