The Cold War Simulation Activity

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The Stakes Have Never Been Higher, The Decisions Have Never Been Tougher! Your students will take the roles of John F Kennedy, Nikita Khrushchev and many others. -Form Alliances -Con...
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The Stakes Have Never Been Higher, The Decisions Have Never Been Tougher! Your students will take the roles of John F Kennedy, Nikita Khrushchev and many others. -Form Alliances -Conduct Diplomacy -Negotiate Deals -Use Strategic Thinking -Problem Solve -Higher Order Thinking Most importantly, your students will get excited about The Cold War and want to learn more!

     The Cold War Simulation Activity is an interactive lesson plan, featuring different aspects of the Cold War Era. HistorySimulation.com produces interactive history lesson plans for high school and middle school students. Developed and honed over 2 decades of use, the Cold War Simulation is used by hundreds of teachers throughout North America. Developed by a history teacher, they allow students to take possession of a country and then participate in small group activities as the Cold War heats up. This is a lesson plan that can be used every year and which students will look forward to.

     One of the objectives of this Cold War Activity is to help students feel what it was like to live with the threat of nuclear war and understand the emotions and consequences of escalation and Mutually Assured Destruction. The Cold War Simulation is a collection of Word and Excel documents. The documents are organized in binders or in a computer lab/1:1 set-up electronically for students and used in combination with the War Map on your projector to bring The Cold War to life in your classroom!

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Who is it for?

  • 10th Graders (15 to 16-year-olds)
  • 11th Graders (16 to 17-year-olds)
  • 12th Graders (17 to 18-year-olds)
  • 9th Graders (14 to 15-year-olds)
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • 8th Graders (13 to 14-year-olds)
  • 7th Graders (12 to 13-year-olds)


What's included?


    1.     Cold War Simulation Documents

    a.     Student Overview

    b.     World Situation Summary

    c.      Battle Calculator

    d.     Spine Inserts For 3 Ring Binders

    e.     Leader Assignments

    f.      Display Flags

    g.     Classroom Set-Up Diagram

    h.     Country Covers For 3 Ring Binders

    i.       CIA Folder: Cuba

    j.       Cold War Operations Manual

    k.     Defcon Posters

    l.       Defense Condition Page

    m.   Teacher Overview

    n.     Teacher Instructions

    o.     U.S. Map Cold War

    p.     Europe Map Cold War

    q.     Asia Map Cold War

    r.      Top Secret Documents: Countries (26)

    s.      Cold War Simulation Report


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History Simulation
David Harms
AA Ellsworth Community College
BA University of Northern Iowa - 1992

Major: History Teaching Education
Political Science
Minor: in Coaching
Teaching Experience:
22 years (1993-Present)

Certified to teach in Iowa:
5-12 World History
5-12 American History
5-12 Government

About HistorySimulation.com

     I started HistorySimulation.com in October of 2011 and teachers around the country have found the programs an invaluable addition to their curriculum. The programs are easy to use and can be customized by teachers. They are also designed to be used year after year. Although most simulations are designed for high school students, we now offer programs for elementary school students.
     During the simulation, students are constantly using their critical thinking skills to develop strategies and carry on tough negotiations with the other leaders.  Because students become so interested, they seem to learn a lot more. Games for kids can create an interest level that is hard to duplicate in the ordinary Social Studies setting.  Over the years, I kept adding different aspects to the simulation and eventually created something that really got the kids excited and passionate about history.  I also found that students were much more engaged after doing the simulation as we went over what really happened and compared it to our simulation.  The discussions and questions flowed like never before.  Teaching students that are interested is so much more fun!

Facts About Me: 

1. I am a full time teacher at Iowa Falls-Alden High School, Iowa Falls Iowa, USA

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