Telling Time | Complete Printables/Worksheets Bundle on Telling the Time

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This worksheet pack contains over 100 pages of activities and printables on the subject of telling the time for learners of all ages new to the subject.
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This worksheet pack contains over 100 pages of activities and printables on the subject of telling the time for learners of all ages new to the subject.

This pack contains over 100 pages of activities and printables on the subject of telling the time.

This bundle comes with the following items. Click the links to see the individual items on the store:

• Telling Time | Worksheets/Printables | Hour, Half and Quarters Clock Faces
• Telling Time | Worksheets/Printables | Five and Minute Interval Clock Faces
• Telling Time | Worksheets/Printables | Telling the Time without a Clock Face
• Telling Time | Worksheets/Printables | Word Problems, Timetables and Scenarios
• Telling Time | Worksheets and Visual Aids | Graphically Aided Clocks and Roman Numerals
• Plus Additional Extra Blank Worksheets and Confidence Checklist

This bundle aims to address the typical needs of both very young students in Elementary School, as well as possible adults learners who may feel conscious or embarrassed of their need to learn this subject. Through the use of simple, clean, concise and well constructed worksheets that are free of unnecessary clutter, clip-art or cartoonish visuals, we aim to promote non-intimidating, friendly and amicable learning that is engaging, fun and fulfilling for all ages.

Resources for clock reading can sometimes take a lot of time, so we have made sure that our packs contain as many different variants of activities as possible. We have also made sure that each of out pages are constructed to the highest quality. For example, we have made sure that the hour hands on our analog clock reading activities are in the precise correct position in relation to the minute hand. This is a simple but important element for ensuring our time telling resources are completely accurate and reliable.

The worksheet activities are differentiated up to four levels; hour and half hour; quarter past and quarter to; five minute intervals and minute intervals.

This pack comes with a variety of analog clock faces for use in one-to-one tuition. Each are designed to help students who struggle to read a clock in different ways. Each clock is differentiated to addresses a specific learning misconception.

At the end of the pack, we have included two confidence checklists for students to complete. One with, and one without checkboxes for knowledge that pertains to 24 hour time. This will enable a teacher or tutor to address areas where the student might not feel so confident in their learning.

We have also included a single page of misconceptions that students commonly face. This means that you can be prepared when a student struggles to learn the subject.

This pack is aimed at ALL learners who struggle with telling the time, but is also designed to meet common core standards 1.MD.b.3; 2.MD.c.7 and 3.MD.a.1. Any teacher that wants to focus on 24 hour clock, or ‘military time’, would also benefit from this pack.

Answer keys are included were necessary. Simpler activities do not include answer keys.

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Samuel and Rebekah became friends while studying at University, where they worked together to set up the successful university magazine. In March 2014, they decided to set up a company that would make resources teachers and tutors would want and be able to use, but that also have the highest quality design values. 


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