Teach Your Child to Read Using Phonics

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The material in this book covers content traditionally taught in grades kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. The book is organized around reading research with instruction grounded in scien...
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The material in this book covers content traditionally taught in grades kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. The book is organized around reading research with instruction grounded in scientific evidence about how reading develops in young children. Just follow the instructions for each of the 110 lessons and watch your child develop into a proficient and engaged reading.

Toddlers and young children are in constant search for meaning. They listen, they watch, and they imitate the actions of those around them – always trying to make sense of their world.

And so it is with learning to read. For your child to become a proficient reader, he/she needs to acquire a toolbox filled with specialized skills. To make sense of written language, your child will need to have command of the alphabet (names and sounds), basic spelling rules, vocabulary building techniques, and develop reasoning skills that allow him/her to make meaning of written text.

Teaching your child to read should be a shared experience providing ample opportunities for parent-child discussions. These interactions help to build your child’s ability to understand what they are learning through verbal exchanges. It is this understanding of oral language that leads to greater comprehension of the written word.

Teaching Your Child to Read Using Phonics was developed to:

·         Engage your child as an active builder of meaning

·         Enable your child to understand what they are reading

·         Help your child understand symbols represent meanings

·         Teach your child higher order thinking skills

·         Provide parent and child with shared reading experiences – parent reading to child and child reading to parent

Teaching Your Child to Read Using Phonics will provide your child with all of the tools, methods, and techniques required to become a proficient reader and successful life-long learner. A few of the many benefits of incorporating the teaching methods found in the book will assure your child:

1.    Has mastered the fundamentals of reading through phonics

2.    Uses multiple sources of information (text meaning, language structure, visual), and a variety of strategies to problem solve while reading

3.    Develops a large core of sight words

4.   Has learned that the printed word has meaning

5.    Is ready for a lifetime of reading, writing, learning, and connecting with the global community

The first three years of reading instruction are the most crucial years for learning the fundamentals needed to become fully literate. Some 65 percent of fourth-grade students struggle with reading – reading just at or below grade level. Those students are four times as likely to drop out of school or do time in prison later in life. You, however, have a choice and can prevent that outcome for your child.

Researchers tell us a high-quality home learning environment is paramount for developing strong emergent literacy skills among young children.  A better understanding of language occurs when adults read, discuss, and ask questions about the stories read to their children. Better language skills lead to a higher literacy proficiency.

If you're ready to face the challenges of teaching your child to read, Teaching Your Child to Read Using Phonics will show you step-by-step instructions on:

·         How to immerse your young reader with the sounds and patterns of the written word

·         Developing listening and reading comprehension skills 

·         Creating fluid readers

·         Developing a deep vocabulary

·         Creating young writers

Your child is only young once. Don’t take a wait and see approach to literacy development. That is really not a viable option; it’s a potential jail sentence. One that can be avoided if you choose to act now. After love, there is no greater gift you can give your child than learning to read.

Don’t wait any longer, make your purchase today.

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Mark Mullen

Mark Mullen is a former early childhood teacher, elementary school principal, and reading education nonprofit executive. With 35 years of experience of teaching of reading, Mark understands the importance of teaching phonics to beginning readers.It is essential for school success and the development of critical thinking skills.



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