Spring Vowel Team Games for Fluency

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Great practice for reading words with short vowel teams!
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Great practice for reading words with short vowel teams!

Three Games in one! These games have words with the Vowel Teams igh, oa, ow, ee, ea, ay, ay. There are 8 word cards for each vowel team.  Not all cards need to be used if you have not taught all the vowel teams listed.  Students LOVE these games.  I have been using them at centers, small groups and interventions, and have seen huge gains in my students fluency!

Find the flower!

How to play:

Print the cards. Cut them out. You could laminate or print on card stock for durability. Lay the cards flat on a table hiding one of the flower  behind one of the cards. Do not let students see you hide it.  Students will take turns reading the cards one by one. After they read a card correctly they can lift the card and see if they found the flower.  Whoever finds the flower first is the winner!  Could be played whole group using a pocket chart. Students will love practicing  fluency with this game!

Read and Write the Room

How to Play:

Print out the word cards. Hang the cards around your classroom. You can make them as easy or hard to find as you would like. Give students a recording sheet. Students  will look around the room and find the words. As they find them they record them on the recording sheet. You could leave the pictures up for a week, and have students work on finding them throughout the week as they finish up independent work, or just use it as a one time activity. Either way it is a great way to practice reading and writing  words, and is aligned to the Common Core. Enjoy!

Reading Fluency Game

How to Play:

This is card game. Print and laminate or print on cardstock for long-term use.

To Play:   Players will take turns picking and reading a word.  If a special card is drawn, follow the

directions on the card.  (go again, lose a turn) The game is over when the cards are gone or when time is up.  Winner  has  the most word cards.


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