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Practice math and ELA skills with these Spring No-Prep printables for first grade.
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Practice math and ELA skills with these Spring No-Prep printables for first grade.

Use the packet for April or Spring themed math centers, literacy centers, or for early finishers. This packet works great stapled together as an "I'm Finished" packet for students to keep in their desks and work on when they are finished early.

Relieve Stress! Every page in this packet is No Prep! Just print and go!

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Here is What's Included:


I'm Finished Packet Covers- Print and use as a cover for a fast finisher packet to be kept in student desks-2 pages
Spring Word Problems-2 pages
Color By CodeSolve the addition and subtraction problems and use the key to color the picture-3 pages
Find the Path HomeIdentify the triangles to help the sheep find its way to the barn.
Spring Time!Write the time on the digital clocks to match the analog clocks.
Spring Time IIDraw the hands on the analog clocks to match the digital clocks.
True or False Color the umbrellas using the code to show if the equations are true or false.
Missing Addends Write the missing addends on the rain drops to complete the equations.
Rainy Day Facts Solve the one digit addition problems.
Egg Hunt Solve the addition and subtraction problems (within 20).
10 More and 10 Less - Write the number that is 10 more and 10 less than the number shown.-2 Pages
Which is More?- Compare the numbers on the eggs using greater than, less than and equal to.
Egg Place Value-Use the key to color the eggs based on the number in the tens place.
Color By Place Value-Use the key to color the picture based on the number in the ones place.
How Many More to Ten?-Fill the boxes of eggs to make 10. Write the equation.
Color and Graph-Color the graph to show the number of each object
Animal Babies -Use the data in the tally chart to answer the questions about the babies born on the farm.
How Many Eggs?-Write the number shown by the base ten blocks
Before and After-Write the number that comes before and after a given number.
Spin, Build and Write-Use a pencil and a paperclip to spin a two digit number, build it with base 10 blocks and write the number.


What’s the Same?-Color the two pictures with the same ending sounds.
Beginning Blends-Circle the beginning sounds to match the picture.
Mixed Up Sentences- Fix the mistakes in the sentences
How Many Syllables?- Color by code to show how many syllables in a word
Spin a Noun-Use the spinner to spin, write and draw a noun.
Noun, Verb or Adjective?-Color by code to show if a word is a noun, verb or adjective.
Person, Place or Thing?-Color by code to show if a noun is a person, place or thing.
What’s the Setting?-Read the one sentence stories. Then draw the setting.
On Rainy Days I Like to… -Write a narrative story about what you like to do on rainy days.
April Fools! -Write a narrative story about a joke you would like to play on someone or a joke that someone played on you.
We Love the Earth! -Write about something you can do to help the Earth.
My Rainy Spring Day- Answer the questions to compare and contrast the Rainy Days of two different children.
Describe It!- Write adjectives to describe the picture.-2 pages
Can You Find the sh?- Color the words containing the /sh/ sound.
Long or Short?- Color by code to show if words have long or short vowels.
Common or Proper Noun?- Color by code to show if words are common or proper nouns.
Spring ABC Order- Cut and paste to put the words in ABC order.
Earth Day ABC Order- Cut and paste to put the words in ABC order.
Fact or Opinion?-Cut and paste to sort the facts and opinions.

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