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Changes in Routine There are changes in plans and changes in routines. Plans are something you were hoping to do but can’t for one reason or another. (i.e. planning to get a coffee on your way to ...
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Changes in Routine There are changes in plans and changes in routines. Plans are something you were hoping to do but can’t for one reason or another. (i.e. planning to get a coffee on your way to work, but spent too much time picking out your outfit so must go straight to work, hoping to wear the red shirt, but it’s in the laundry, etc.) One of our OTHER social stories, "Flexibility When Plans Change", was written to address changes in plans …. Something a child was hoping to do but then couldn’t do. Routines are those things that happen every day in the same way at the same time. Changes in routines are when something interrupts the normal flow (2-hour delay, doctor appointment, assembly, etc.) While this book was written to address changes in routines, it pairs well with our social story that addresses changes in plans (Flexibility When Plans Change). When routines change, kids can get flustered. This social story unit can help those kids navigate through changes in routine.

This unit includes:★ Changes in Routine Teaching Version★ Changes in Routine Personalized Version with fill-in-the-blanks★ Award Certificates★ Strategy posters for classroom wall, desk, locker, or to send home★ Note to teacher with additional ideas★ Flexible or Flustered chart★ Credits

Table of Contents:

Page 1:  Unit Cover page

Page 2-17:  Teaching Social Story

Page 18-33:  Personalized fill-in-the-blanks Version

Page 34:  Award Certificate Page 35: 

Poster: Change in Routine Strategy

Page 36:  Credits and Thanks

EXTRAS: Page 1:  Note to teachers

Page 2:  Flexible or Flustered Behavior Tracking

Page 3:  Flexible or Flustered Behavior Tracking advanced version

Page 4:  Control Poster

Recommendations for using this unit:

Teaching versions: Print and put in sleeve protectors. Keep in a 3-ring binder. Personalized versions: After reading the original version, guide the student through customizing a book with their own thoughts and feelings.

Award certificate:   use to reward students for achieving their goal.

Classroom wall poster: post somewhere visible to remind your student even when you are not around or print 4/page, laminate, and use as a desk card

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