Snip it .. Flip it: 38 Word Family Flip Books for Successful Readers

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Snip it...Flip it...and learn Word Families
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Snip it...Flip it...and learn Word Families

These perfect little flip books are sure to get any reluctant reader eager to read.

**38 word family booklets to help the littlest reader become successful. 

Included word families are:
** am, an, ad, ap, ag, at, ay, aw, ail, ake, all, ame, ash, ate
** et, en, eg, eat, ell, est
** in, ig, ip, it, ice, ick, ight, ill, ine, ing, ink
** og, op, ot, ock
** ug, uck, ump
** Blank booklet to create additional word family (no editable) 

This resource is ENTIRELY INK and PRINTER friendly. All booklets are in black and white. :) 

EASY assembly for each booklet. Copy each word family (2 pages) onto separate pages, or adjust your printer settings and print two pages onto 1 page. Save paper and book is smaller too! 
Simply cut all the straight lines and adhere with two staple or dots of glue. 

Also included are, The Itty Bitty Book of Word Families. 
Print these pages out on cardstock for durability and place on a ring. Students can read the word family words on the go. Small enough to fit in the littlest of pockets. Use these as mini word walls in writing folders. Cut and staple into a mini book for additional practice. Booklets contain the matching picture for all the words. Success for all levels!

Bonus… Blank booklets are also included! NOT EDITABLE Students can create and make their own, everyone like to be an author!

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