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Pull the ripcord and watch the flying ring soar. Fun for all ages. Includes 1 launcher and 2 large wings (10" / 25.4cm diam). For outdoor use only.
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Pull the ripcord and watch the flying ring soar. Fun for all ages. Includes 1 launcher and 2 large wings (10" / 25.4cm diam). For outdoor use only.

High-flying kid-powered fun! Lock a wing on the easy-grip launcher, pull the cord and watch it soar. Learn to control the altitude and direction of flight. Have a blast trying to catch the wing before it lands. Aim it just right, and the wing will loop right back to you.


Fun for all ages. Includes one launcher and 2 large wings (10"/25.4 cm. diam). For outdoor use only.

from 6 years+



·         Keeps kids engaged and playing outside.

·         Strengthens fine and gross motor skills.

·         Fosters experimentation and trial & error:

o   Vary the force of your pull to adjust how high the wing flies.

o   Vary the tilt of the launcher to adjust the direction of flight.

·         Learn about aerodynamics and simple physics.


·         Sharpens hand-eye coordination as you try to catch the wing.

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Discovery Toys
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Discovery Toys is the premier learning toy company dedicated to helping children learn and grow through Pure Play. A trusted brand for over 35 years, we specialize in premium quality, kid-powered learning products for newborns through school aged children. The company began when an early childhood educator first brought together a group of dedicated teachers, mothers and parents to take on the important topic of education for children through play. Selling to groups of eager parents in the home, Discovery Toys, the network marketing / direct sales company, was born.

Discovery Toys products are designed with the understanding that children learn best through play. From birth to 8 years of age children learn through physically interacting with the environment using all of their senses to build new knowledge.

DT Toys combines multiple levels of learning in every toy with safety and quality standards beyond the national standards. As many of our customers and educational consultant representatives can testify, a Discovery Toys product is not a typical educational toy that you can find at your local toy shop.

Our Team works carefully with our design and manufacturing partners to incorporate a unique play experience into each of our products, an experience that stimulates multiple centers in the brain simultaneously, an experience that promotes both critical thinking AND open-ended imaginary play.

Our hope is to help each child develop the fundamental skills and passion for future learning success and for innovative thinking.

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