See it, Read it , Write it--- LONG VOWELS

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198 Pages of Hands on learning mats with additional NO PREP activities.
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198 Pages of Hands on learning mats with additional NO PREP activities.

See It, Read It, Write It-- 

This long vowels resource pack is bundled with enough materials to have your students engaged and working during centers, word work, small group or enrichment. 

This unit focuses on 19 vowel teams and long vowel combinations
The combinations included are: 
Long A: ai, ay, 
Long E: ea, ee, ey, ie, y, 
Long I: ie, igh, y, 
Long O: oa, oe, ow, 
Long U: ew, ue, 
Magic E: a_e, i_e, o_e, u_e

*Each long vowel combination has two boards for students to use multisensory materials on. One board is full color and one board is a backline board, that can be copied easily for additional practice. These boards can be stored in a larger sleeve protector or in a pocket file folder. 

*Each long vowel combination additionally has an interactive student booklet, that can be used to reinforce student reading, and ability to recognize the long vowels. All the booklets have the activities to help reinforce confidence and routines, to master these tricky sounds.

Booklets include:
- Student cover page with beginning blend and picture
- I can read words with______.
- I can write words with _____. 
- I can see, make, glue and write ____ words.
- I can match blends and pictures (cut and glue interactive. Glue spots are already marked for easier management.)

The booklets are easily assembled. 
**Copy/collate each vowel booklet. Staple the pages for each student on the left hand side. ONE CUT in half makes two booklets quickly without a hassle or fuss!

Also, included 9 mixed practice worksheets for additional reinforcement and support. 

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