Second Grade Common Core Math Journal

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Daily Practice for the Common Core Standards! Spiral the Core!
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Daily Practice for the Common Core Standards! Spiral the Core!

In Math, I feel repetition, reflection, and thinking about their own thinking is extremely important. I think they need a constant spiral of the concepts we want them to master. I LOVE my kids and I LOVE Math, so I hope that shines through this product. This product contains daily Math practice for the Common Core Standards for August through the end of May. Each month increases in difficulty and continually spirals the Common Core Math Standards for Second Grade. My students keep a 3 ring binder which is called their 'Math Journal'. Inside, we put the monthly Math Journal. In the morning they do the top independently, then we go over it as a class. After my Math lesson later in the day, they pull their Math journals back out and they write what they learned that day in Math. When the month is over, I pull out that month's math journal pages, we staple them, then send them home. We then put the new month in the journal. They are always excited to see what the new month holds! Their Math has never been better! They understand, remember, and are able to problem solve better than ever before. I sure hope you see the same results!Thank you so much! Let me know if you have any questions!Brittany

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