Educational Shower Curtain: ABC's & 123 + 100 Days Activity Cards!

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Turn everyday routines into playful learning moments with these Educational Shower Curtains, great for learners ages 1 and up. This product is designed to help little ones build confidence in learn...
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Product Description

Turn everyday routines into playful learning moments with these Educational Shower Curtains, great for learners ages 1 and up. This product is designed to help little ones build confidence in learning at an early age. Want to learn more? Read about the product and its mission on the Educents Blog.

ABC-123 Educational Shower Curtain!

Parents are a child's first and most important teacher; with Educational Shower Curtains and the 100 Days Activity Cards, parents can encourage their child to review basic skills addition facts while potty training, washing their hands, brushing their teeth, drying off from a bath or getting ready for school. Learning becomes fun, convenient, and a natural part of everyday.

  • Kids ages 1+ (encourages older siblings to help teach the little ones)
  • Busy families - activities take just 5 minutes a day!
  • Just 5 minutes a day adds up to 30 minutes a week, over 2 hours a month, spent learning and you didn't even notice!
  • Fun addition to any home! 

Who is it for?

The ABC-123 shower curtain is wonderful for children in preschool.

What is included?

This educational shower curtain includes a colorful alphabet as well as numbers (1-10).

You will also recieve 100 unique activity cards for you and your kids! 

Each shower curtain is:

  • Waterproof, no liner needed
  • 100% polyester-bright white
  • Machine washable
  • Reinforced stainless eyelets
  • 71 in x 71 in
  • Also includes a “Tips from a Teacher” card to help you use shower curtain as a teaching tool

100 Days Activity Card: (8'' x 6'')

Our Waterproof Activity Cards are 'teacher made' and provide over 100 activities that incorporate skills, concepts, terminology and knowledge that your child will need to succeed in school. These fun activities take just minutes a day and will make learning a fun habit that your child enjoys.

  • 100+ Standard Aligned* Activities (ranging from easy to advanced)
  • Waterproof                
  • Suction cup with plastic hanger for shower wall (included)
  • English/Spanish
  • Easy to Use
  • Curtain Specific Activities

*Educational Shower Curtains and corresponding 100 Days Activity Cards were developed in accordance with the principles outlined by State and Federal standards.

Why buy?

  • School readiness plays an important role in school success!
  • Basic skills are the foundational building blocks for all learning.
  • Makes the bathroom the coolest room in the house!
  • Not a workbook, not a flashcard, not even homework … it is a part of your home!

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Hi, I am Roni Bostwick and I created "Educational Shower Curtains" because I'm frustrated that so many children are falling "through the cracks" in school simply because they are missing just a few basic skills. Kids are naturally curious! Why not engage that curiosity everyday with an Educational Shower Curtain?  All of our shower curtains display grade level appropriate skills that your child should know with ease. I am a licensed elementary school teacher and spent 12 years teaching as a reading and math specialist. I proudly come from a family of teachers. I have two sisters who are currently teaching and a father who is a retired teacher. Education was so important in my home growing up, this fostered a love for learning and achieving. I believe parents have the ability to instill this in every child. "If parents do a little, their child can do a lot!" My husband and I own and operate our small family business, Sanron Educational Enterprises, Inc., and have spent the past 14 years traveling across this country and abroad, training teachers on how to use Teach Me Writing: A School-Wide Sequential Writing Program. I created the "Teach Me Writing" curriculum because I realized that we were not teaching children how to write. "Teach Me Writing" provides teachers with a consistent language, presentation and expectation for teaching the process of writing while increasing language, literacy and comprehension. I have spent my entire adult life trying to improve the lives of children by helping them succeed in elementary school.


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