Presidential Election SUPER SALE fine motor skills fun crafts for kids

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Presidential Election activities and fine motor skills crafts. Designed to make this year's Election fun and engaging by having both crafts and mini lessons on the issue of education!
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Presidential Election activities and fine motor skills crafts. Designed to make this year's Election fun and engaging by having both crafts and mini lessons on the issue of education!
This super sale pack includes 26 pages of activities for $8.00. This super sale Election pack includes:

Election pinwheels
Election White House

- "3 Branches of Government" FREE info-graphic by Kids.gov
- "How to Become a President" FREE info-graphic by Kids.gov - Follow the path and find out the requirements to becoming the President of the United States.
- Election mini lesson on both candidates' views on the issue of Education. Non-biased mini lessons that impact school-age kids: Common Core, School Choice, Higher Education. Modify and simplify for a younger audience as needed. (Free sample download.)
- Election ballot for Clinton or Trump - after you learn their views of Education, how would you vote?
- Election "Vote for Me!" mock activity ballot and ideas sheets: what would the kids champion as their ideas if they were running for President?
- Election Class official ballot and results sheets

Also included are FREE activities:
*FREE black and white templates for your kids to color their own or if your school does not have a color printer.
*FREE "Did You Know?" presidential fact sheet.
*FREE flying bald eagle decor craft
*I Made This! fact sheet - details the gross and fine motor skills used to accomplish this craftivity.
*FREE Mt. Rushmore Be-A-President insert

All my crafts and activities are purposefully designed to be fun, easy to accomplish without taking too much classroom time (most are 4-6 steps), and incorporate multiple fine motor skills to help the kids practice and improve the small muscles of the hand, hand and eye coordination, depth perception, and grip. As you will see in the pictures, my daughter demonstrates various steps for how your kids can do it, too.

**I would like to know if the work that I offer is of value to you. If you have purchased it, a quick short comment and/or rating would let me and others know. Thank you for your comments.**

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There has been an increase in the number of kids needing occupational therapy due to poor fine motor skills. They can swipe well, but they lack strength, coordination, concentration, and perseverance when it comes to pre-writing skills that is required such as cutting, mastering the pincer grip, hole punching, and taping.

It’s our hope that you and your kids (whether they are yours or they are your students!) will have fun making new memories with these fine motor skills crafts.


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