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Phonics Games Level One

  • Grades: All

  • Subjects: Reading, Writing

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  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

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(94 pages/ 123 including cover, table of contents, and game helps) 16 printable games All for $7
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Product Description

(94 pages/ 123 including cover, table of contents, and game helps) 16 printable games All for $7

Short Vowel Games

  • Phonics Go Fish- Consonants Card Game
  • Short Vowel Family Mom Card Game
  • Short Vowel Go Fish Card Game
  • L and T Phonics Board Game
  • Zeke’s Board Game (link shows visual rules using this game as the example)
  • Board Game with Stars or Flowers
  • Zeke’s Consonant Mix Board Game

Long and Short Vowel Games

  • MatchIt Card Game (visual rules)
  • Long Vowel Bingo       
  • Green Board Game
  • Family Mom Card Game        
  • Zeke’s br, cr, dr, gr, and pr Board Game        
  • Zeke’s bl, cl, fl, and gl Board Game        
  • Fr, pl, st, tr Board Game        
  • Luke’s Card Game - Video Rules under 'GAME HELP'


This set has 16 games for your student's learning pleasure. I know kids love them and they work!

 Most of these games use school fonts from, D'Nealian and abcPrint...both.

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Games have always been part of my life. I even started writing a book of educational games to use in the classroom while I taught second, third, and fourth grades in a private school. I have never had enough money or time to buy or make sufficient educational games for my classrooms. When I could no longer teach in a classroom, I decided to share my printable games...

 Keep playing, Chris

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