Outdoor Science Activities and Projects

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Outdoor Science Activities and Projects
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Outdoor Science Activities and Projects

With this unit you will teach a comprehensive introduction to outdoor science. 

Your students will learn all about:
Food chains and food webs
The life cycle of a frog
Forests and forest layers, and
Tree growth and decomposition.

Each section contains several activities that your students can work on to learn more about an aspect of outdoor science. In the back of the book you will find a matching game that your students can play to reinforce what they have learned. There is also an 
observation booklet students can put together and use to take notes about what they are learning, or as a final project for this unit. Finally, there is a special project about forest layers that 
students can create that you can display on your classroom wall.

All graphics are original and created by myself.

Thanks for visiting my store,
Yvonne Crawford

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I like to engage students and find creative ways for students to have fun while they are learning. I definitely encourage students to use their creativity and dare to be wrong and try new things in their pursuit of knowledge.



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