Mini Reading Anchors For 2nd Grade

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ELA Mini Anchor Charts for students
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ELA Mini Anchor Charts for students

This unit was created so that students could reference mini anchors in their notebooks instead of having dozens of anchors hanging around the room. The students love them because it empowers them to find information that they need instead of having to ask or feel helpless. I love them because it sparks knowledge, conversations and learning throughout the year. Each anchor contains talking or question stems

Anchors Included:
Main Topic
Main Ideas
Main Purpose
Important Details
Asking Questions
Making Inferences
Text To Self 
Text To Text
Text To World
Character Traits
Retelling The Plot
Central Message/Lesson
Problem and Solution
Characters Response To Challenges and Events
Comparing and Contrasting
Words Supply Rhythm
Point of View (2 versions: traditional and common core)
Connections Between Events and Ideas
Text Features
Illustrations and Photographs
Fairytales and Folk Tales
Determining the Meaning of Words
Cause and Effect
Fluent Readers

None of the anchors mention common core standards, however all literature and informational reading standards from common core are addressed.

If you have any questions or want to suggest more anchors, please email me: amylabrasciano@yahoo.com

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