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Get a set of 40 math assessments that are quick and easy to use!
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Get a set of 40 math assessments that are quick and easy to use!

Math Snapshots contains 40 different math assessments with 6 problems for each assessment. There are 2 different Snapshots on each page. Answer keys are included. These are great for a quick assessment, test prep, review, stations, or exit tickets.

Concepts Included:
1) Order of Operations
2) Perimeter, Area, Circumference
3) Evaluating Expressions
4) Whole Number Computation (+,-,x,÷)
5) Rounding Whole Numbers
6) Rounding Decimals
7) Add/Subtract Decimals
8) Multiply/Divide Decimals
9) Lines and Angles
10) Compare Decimals
11) Lines and Angles
12) 2-D Shapes
13) Triangles
14) Ordered Pairs
15) Number Forms Whole Numbers
16) Number Forms Decimals
17) Mean and Mode
18) Median and Range
19) Exponents
20) Prime Factorization
21) Place Value Whole Numbers
22) Place Value Decimals
23) Writing Expressions
24) Prime or Composite
25) Add Fractions Common Denominator
26) Add Fractions Unlike Denominator
27) Multiply Fractions
28) Divide Fractions
29) Subtract Fractions Common Denominator
30) Subtract Fractions Unlike Denominator
31) Add Mixed Numbers
32) Subtract Mixed Numbers
33) Multiply Mixed/Whole Numbers
34) Divide Mixed/Whole Numbers
35) One-Step Equations (+/-)
36) One-Step Equations (x/÷)
37) Solving Proportions
38) Equivalent Ratios
39) Compare Integers
40) Absolute Value

Grades: 5-8

Number of Pages: 40 pages including answer keys

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Misty Miller
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I am a 7th & 8th grade Resource teacher. This is my 19th year of teaching - 12 years elementary Resource and 7 years with Jr. High students. I mainly teach math remediation. 

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