Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS Amethyst Microscope

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Stylish, colorful, modern microscope for amateur biologists. Experiment kit included. Magnification: 64–1280x.
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Stylish, colorful, modern microscope for amateur biologists. Experiment kit included. Magnification: 64–1280x.

Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS Amethyst Microscope

Stylish, colorful, modern microscope for amateur biologists. Experiment kit included. Magnification: 64–1280x.

Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS Amethyst Microscope – impressive design, quality optics, reliable body, and rich accessory kit. Beginning microcosm explorers will like our experiment kit (comes with the microscope) containing all necessary accessories for their first experiments. More experienced users will appreciate its extensive capabilities. If you are bored of standard black and white microscope models, pick this beautiful amethyst color microscope for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.


Three objective lenses allow you to obtain 64x, 160x, and 640x magnification. 40xs objective lens is equipped with a special spring mechanism. If the objective lens hits the slide, this mechanism retracts a little, preventing any damage to the lens or the slide. The quality Barlow lens doubles magnification of the instrument – the maximum magnification power of the model is 1280x!

Quality glass optics with a special anti-reflective coating create bright, crisp, and clear images of observed microscope samples.


The instrument is equipped with two LED lights. Lower illumination is used when working with transparent samples – you will be able to observe microorganisms in a drop of water or explore the cellular structure of an onion cell. Opaque samples, for instance coins, stones, or paper, are observed with upper illumination. Observe semi-transparent objects with both upper and lower lighting together. You can regulate the intensity of illumination to achieve better results with different samples.

Body design and power supply

The shell is made of metal – it is highly reliable and will serve you for years. This microscope is perfect for intensive use in schools and universities. The microscope head is inclined 45-degrees and 360-degrees rotatable – it allows for incredibly comfortable use of the instrument.

You can use this microscope wherever you want, including outside the house. It works on AC power, as well as on batteries.

Experiment kit

Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit (included in the package) has everything needed for conducting your very first independent experiments at home. It contains ready-to-use microscope slides, special tools for working with microscopic objects, and a detailed user guide with useful recommendations and experiment descriptions.


The microscope comes in a reliable plastic case – it protects the instrument from mechanical damage during transportation. Store the microscope in this case to keep dust out.

The kit includes:


Objectives: 4x, 10x and 40xs

Eyepiece: WF16x2x

Barlow lens

Stage with clips

Diaphragm disk


Built-in upper and lower LED illuminations

AC adapter

2 AA batteries

Plastic case

Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit

User manual and lifetime warranty

Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit includes:

"Attractive Microscope. Scrutinizing the Microcosm" User Guide


Hatchery for Artemia (brine shrimp, or sea-monkeys)


Flask with yeast

Flask with pitch

Flask with sea salt

Flask with brine shrimp

5 ready-to-use specimens

5 blank slides


Dust cover


Head: monocular, rotatable 360°, inclined 45°

Optics material: optical glass

Magnification, x: 64–1280

Eyepiece tube diameter, mm: 23.2

Eyepieces: WF16x

Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40xs (spring)

Revolving nosepiece: 3 objectives

Stage, mm: 90x90, with clips

Stage moving range, using focusing mechanism, mm: 0–11, vertical

Condenser: NA 0.65

Diaphragm: diaphragm disk (6 apertures)

Focus: coarse

Body material: metal

Illumination: LED

Brightness adjustment: yes

Power supply: 110 V/50 Hz or 2 AA batteries

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