Letter Sounds - Silly Sentences DVD & Board Book

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Letter Sounds is worthy of the highest recommendation … an excellent educational pick…Children can race to speak letter sounds aloud in loopy sentences (such as "Polly Porcupine pokes people") befo...
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Product Description

Letter Sounds is worthy of the highest recommendation … an excellent educational pick…Children can race to speak letter sounds aloud in loopy sentences (such as "Polly Porcupine pokes people") before hearing the correct answers. A variety of games reinforce letter-sound associations, and encourage children to read aloud sentences and short stories. – Midwest Book Review This combo set gives your preschooler an early boost learning the sounds that letters make. The DVD features engaging music and fun characters. An on-screen mouth shows how to form each sound. By the end of this program, kids are combining letters to read words and simple sentences. A sturdy 30-page board book uses silly sentences and colorful illustrations to help children practice saying or pointing to the letter featured in each sentence. Kids love having a book that goes along with a chapter from the DVD.

Who is it for?

  • Toddler
  • Preschool
  • Pre-k
  • Kindergarten
  • 1st Grade
  • Ages 1-6
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Home Schoolers
  • Speech Therapists
  • Reading Specialists


What's included?

  • Letter Sounds DVD
  • Letter Sounds - Silly Sentences Board Book


Letter Sounds – Silly Sentences Board Book

Give little ones an early boost learning the sounds that letters make. Silly sentences for all 26 letters help develop pre-literacy skills. Bright, colorful illustrations add to the fun. A game-show format challenges young minds to say or point to the letter featured in each sentence. The soothing effect of hearing repeated sounds makes this board book perfect before naps or bedtime. Goes along with a segment from Rock ‘N Learn Letter Sounds video or can be used independently. Get ready for giggles and learning! 


Letter Sounds (DVD)

New characters, fun music, and phonemic awareness activities help students learn the skills to become competent readers. After a quick review of upper and lowercase letters, young learners practice the most common sound each letter makes. An on-screen mouth shows how to form the sounds. Excitement builds as kids race the clock to say letter sounds in silly sentences before hearing the answers. After several more fun activities, kids experience the success of reading complete sentences and short stories. Approximately 62 minutes. 





“I teach Kindergarten, and recently showed your Letter Sounds Video for the first time to my class. After the video was over, a student came up to me, rather excitedly, and told me that ‘that video gave me a new brain, and now I can read! My old brain didn't know how to read, but now I can!' Sure enough, he went home that night and read an entire story to his parents! He was so proud of himself, and we are so proud of him too. Keep up the good work!" – Cindy DeKeyrel, Skyline North School


"I absolutely love your Letter Sounds Video. The phonological and orthological aspects of this video combined with that little human mouth in the upper right hand corner of each screen makes your video the most innovative beginning phonics video I have ever viewed”. – Janet Ohanis, M.A., Ed. 


"My daughter started using Letter Sounds at age 3 and within weeks she was reading. At age 4 she entered public kindergarten and was tested by her instructor. She tested at a second grade reading level, she was writing and spelling at a higher level, and she was invited to join the first graders during writing." – Rundal H.




“I took a copy of Letter Sounds to school, and the teacher raved about how her whole class of special needs kids finally understood what she meant when she said, "Watch my mouth!" I witnessed her class engaged and participating in the Name That Letter game! It was really a sight!” – Veronica T.


"We have a lot of customers with language/hearing impaired children. Several parents said Letter Sounds helped immensely. The teachers were amazed at the progress." – Beth, Toys that Teach, Florida


“My son, considered moderate to severely autistic, has worried us because he hardly ever said anything other than 'eeeeee' until now. Since I started playing the Letter Sounds video he has begun to amaze us. He now goes around the house and every time he sees a letter he starts making the sounds of that letter. It is the best teaching tool I have found."– Angie

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