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Teach your kids to cook with the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse. These engaging video lessons will make the process fun for your kids, and the parent support materials will make it easy and stress-fre...
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Teach your kids to cook with the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse. These engaging video lessons will make the process fun for your kids, and the parent support materials will make it easy and stress-free for you! This all-level bundle includes everything in the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.
Perfect for families with multiple children, this course is geared for ages 2-teen. Teach multi-levels together using lessons that are already arranged to work together and make your life easier. I have done all the thinking for you!
If your children are all at the same level, you can also use this bundle to gain access to all 3 levels of the course for less than the price of 2.
Take a peek at the full curriculum map of the course and a sample lesson from the beginner level included in the preview files.
This version includes downloadable videos and lifetime access to all 3 levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) of our membership area.
What's included?
  • Over 30 kitchen skills
  • 8 weeks of lessons
  • Over 45 professionally-produced videos
  • Over 200 pages of PDF downloads
  • Extensive lesson plans
  • Printable cards with memory tools
  • Recipe books made just for kids
  • Quality time with your children
After the beginner level, even young children will be able to:
  • Use a dull knife with confidence
  • Make an entire recipe on their own
  • Contribute to family meals
With the intermediate level, kids will be able to:
  • Cut simple foods with sharp knives
  • Follow nearly any recipe independently
  • Work at the stove safely
  • Begin to show creativity in seasoning their food
At the advanced level, older kids will master:
  • Proficiency with a chef's knife
  • Confidence using an oven
  • Making entire meals on their own
  • Even creating their own dishes with unique seasoning
Skills taught:
  • Spreading with a dull knife
  • Peeling vegetables
  • Slicing soft foods with a dull knife
  • Cross-hatch dicing
  • Measuring dry ingredients: teaspoons and measuring cups
  • Preparing dried beans
  • Pouring: wet and dry
  • Washing and tearing lettuce
  • Rolling balls of bread dough
  • Following a recipe well
  • Slicing soft produce
  • Cracking eggs with minimal mess
  • Making simple recipes start to finish with independence
  • Proper stove-top safety
  • Preparing and cooking rice
  • Flipping something on the stove-top
  • Rolling out dough
  • Browning ground meat
  • Cutting straight, hard vegetables
  • Slicing and dicing round vegetables
  • Crushing garlic
  • Stove-top safety review
  • Sautéing vegetables
  • Cutting whole fruits
  • Oven safety
  • Cooking dry beans
  • Scrambling and frying eggs
  • Using a food processor
  • Making a roux and béchamel sauce
  • Steaming vegetables
Five sets of printables + 50-Page Recipe eBook included:

Practice, Discuss, Cook, Eat

  • Over 40 printable flash cards with all the phrases and step-by-step reminders
  • 24 "Daily Nugget" cards with food facts for kids
  • Pictorial cards for young children so they can make a recipe all by themselves
  • Recipe eBook: Not just another "kiddie cookbook" - Real recipes for the whole family to enjoy, as demonstrated in the video lessons of the eCourse
  • Integrations: If you have children at multiple levels, the beauty of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse is that their skills coordinate together to create one meal or snack during any given lesson.
  • The entire curriculum map for the course is available in the preview files

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About the Seller

Kids Cook Real Food

The Kids Cook Real Food eCourse was created by Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship, along with 3 of her 4 children (baby Gabe didn’t get to participate but enjoyed eating all the fruit we cut up). I am a trained elementary school teacher with experience in 3rd and 5th grade classrooms.

The most important part to your kids, however, is that there are real kids in the videos. In fact, many members report that their kids call our kids their friends and love watching them. The “cast” of the eCourse videos includes 3 Kimball kids and their dear friends:

  • Paul K., age 10
  • Quinn V., age 8
  • Leah K., age 7
  • Lili Z., age 7
  • John K., age 4
  • Jill Z., age 5

There’s nothing comparable to the positive peer pressure of seeing real kids doing the work of cooking, enjoying eating vegetables, and even making mistakes.

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