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Italy Earth Science Social Studies BUNDLE!

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Everything you need to teach a complete unit on Italy including: - Social Studies/biomes - Earth Science - plate tectonics, volcanoes (types and formation), igneous rocks (classification), and ...
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Product Description

Everything you need to teach a complete unit on Italy including: - Social Studies/biomes - Earth Science - plate tectonics, volcanoes (types and formation), igneous rocks (classification), and crystal formation - Culture - Art History and more!

This is a combination of three of my Around the World: Italy packs, with over 200 pages of information, pictures, worksheets, cut and pastes, hands on games, over 30 experiments and observation sheets, and MORE! 

BONUS PREK - 1st Worksheets for handwriting, math and reading practice! :) 

This Around the World Unit is PACKED with information about Italy. Learn about currency, climate, biomes, food, culture, art history and more in this exciting slideshow that takes you to some of Italy's most exciting places. 

This unit features brief "tours" of some of Italy's most notable cities and regions including Tuscany, Pisa, Milan, Rome and more. 

Also included is a language page with words in Italian, notable inventors, historical facts and a brief description of the Renaissance art movement. 

Additionally, since Italy has active volcanoes, I touched on volcanoes as a starting point for further discussion, and included a short discussion about IGNEOUS rocks, which come from volcanoes. I include examples of intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks, with pictures to show your students. 

Also, I have added TIMELINE cards that will be included in each part of the Around the World series to make a giant timeline of world history. I've included highlights of major historical moments (starting with the Etruscans founding Rome, moving through the 2nd World War), Artist cards, Inventor Cards and other historical figures. 

The last page has some sample craft ideas as well. 
It is pdf-based so it can be printed as a book and laminated for classroom use. 

This pack covers 4 main topic areas: 
- overview of plate tectonics, review of Pangea, discussion of the types of plate movements and their consequences (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc). 
- SIX plate tectonic experiments to review what was learned
- Additional worksheets, cut and paste, definition and experiment observation sheets 

- How volcanoes are formed, types of volcanoes, types of magma/gasses in each volcano, focus on two active volcanoes in Italy, discussion of Ring of Fire and Italy's unique volcanic geography
- SIX volcano experiments to review what was learned 
- Additional worksheets, cut and paste, definition and experiment observation sheets 

- How igneous rocks are formed, types of igneous rocks (intrusive, extrusive, felsic, mafic, etc), characteristics, 
- Three igneous rock experiments
- Additional worksheets, cut and paste, rock identification cards 

- What are crystals? How do they differ from rocks, minerals, how are crystals formed, how does temperature affect crystal formation in igneous rocks. 
- 10 crystal formation experiments



It starts with a 48 page interactive Passport book that takes you through the top subjects we cover on Italy. 
The student gets to fill in the blanks and label a volcano, lapbook about facts they have learned about Italy, connect words to their definitions, connect pictures to their artists and more. The Passport book covers the following topics: 
- Renaissance movement, characteristics, artists and their works
- igneous rocks (intrusive/extrusive characteristics), rock identification
- volcano labeling 
- Italy's biome / animals from Italy
- Italy's produce / food from Italy
- City labeling 

There is also an opportunity to draw pictures about what you have learned. 

The second half is worksheets based on what we've learned. I've included 2 labeling sheets (one where you write in the city, one where you cut and paste), 2 for neighboring countries, and one pictoral map where you past the pictures on the city spots (i.e. star for Rome, gondola for Venice, etc). 

Additional worksheets include an animal/habitat sort for Italy's animals, and ART HISTORY section where you label the artist and his work (or cut and paste, both are provided). 

Finally, there are also a number of journaling pages where the student can draw what they've learned and write a sentence or two to describe their answer. 

This set has it all!  

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