Introduction to Computer Science with Minecraft Online Course

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Enroll Today! Students will learn how to craft the coolest Minecraft mods in this interactive online course that teaches the key principles of coding. Students will get BONUS 1-year access to Lea...
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Enroll Today!

Students will learn how to craft the coolest Minecraft mods in this interactive online course that teaches the key principles of coding. Students will get BONUS 1-year access to LearnToMod, the most powerful Minecraft modding tool available.

Introduction to Computer Science in Minecraft is the same Minecraft modding class featured in Wired, now brought to students online. This online course is taught by the leaders in Computer Science and Coding education at ThoughtSTEMIntroduction to Computer Science in Minecraft is the most engaging way for students to learn coding skills through their favorite video game. The online course utilizes ThoughtSTEM's innovative, LearnToMod software, that makes learning computer science through Minecraft modding fun, interactive, and engaging.


Kids will learn the basics of computer science and programming while building their very own Minecraft mods. Students will master key concepts like functions, loops, parameters, variables, boolean logic, and more. Kids will have access to secure, private Minecraft servers which they can use to show off their mods to their friends. After this course, kids will be ready to master Javascript, the most widely used programming language, with their 1-year free access to the LearnToMod Minecraft modding software.


What Kids Get

  • 10-weeks worth of educational content: video lectures, homework, and quizzes that teach them how to mod their favorite video game
  • Self-paced format: students can complete the course on their own time
  • Online help whenever they need it
  • Live office hours with the instructors once a week
  • Bonus 1-year subscription to LearnToMod with purchase of the course


Who is it for?

This course is perfect for students aged 8-14.

What Parents Are Saying

"You guys are really great, he is getting so much out of the course it's amazing! (And his English is really improving as well :-))"
  –Parent, Israel

“My two kids are loving it! They are taking it very seriously and always want to make the greatest assignments. You are making two kids very happy :-)”
  –Parent, Switzerland

“I am amazed by the knowledge my son has gained through this course. Especially how you manage to convey complex and highly abstract concepts to a boy of 10. As an experienced educator myself, I congratulate you all for a job well done!”
  –Parent & Educator, United Kingdom


What Kids Are Saying

“I really enjoyed it! The class was fun, challenging, and I am really looking forward to learning more!”
  –9-year old boy, U.K.

“The livestreams with the teachers were my favorite part! If we didn’t have questions that day, they’d teach us how to build the coolest mods!”
  –13-year old girl, California

How it works

After you purchase this online course, ThoughtSTEM's customer service will reach out to you within 24 hours to collect the following registration details:

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  • Parent Phone Number
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  • Student Name(s)
  • Student E-mail (if different from Parent's)
  • Student Age(s)

After your registration in the course is completed, you'll receive an e-mail from instructors with information to get started on the course!

System Requirements: Minecraft Account and Computer Installed with Minecraft. Compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.  

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LearnToMod is a software developed by ThoughtSTEM, LLC, a San Diego-based educational startup whose mission is to make coding education as engaging and exciting for kids as possible. LearnToMod is a browser-based software that allows kids as young as 6 years old to start modding Minecraft using a visual programming language or using Javascript. Our goal is to transform kids who love Minecraft into kids who love coding!

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