Insects and Spiders (Literacy and Math Unit)

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Insects and Spiders (Literacy and Math Unit) For teachers and homeschoolers of students in grades K-2 This 98 page Insects and Spiders Literacy and Math Unit has a lot to offer. It includes r...
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Insects and Spiders (Literacy and Math Unit) For teachers and homeschoolers of students in grades K-2 This 98 page Insects and Spiders Literacy and Math Unit has a lot to offer. It includes reading comprehension with who, what, and where questions, matching insect pictures and names, word problems (addition or subtraction), ten frames, counting sets, identifying sizes, writing pages (insect names), missing addends, and much more. ******************************************************************************************************************************** Click on my NAME in green above and then click on the HEART beside my photo to FOLLOW my store! or CLICK HERE ********************************************************************************************************************************

Insects and Spiders (Literacy and Math Unit)

This 98 page literacy and math unit has a lot to offer. 

Pages 2-11: Who? What? Where? These 10 pages include a short story (2-4 sentences) and 3 related questions beginning with “who, what, and where.” Students are to read the story and correctly answer each question to check for comprehension and looking back in the story to find the answers.

Pages 12-16: Draw a line to match each insect/spider picture to the correct matching word to name each picture. Each page contains 4 insect/spider pictures and names as shown here (centipede, bee, ant, beetle) (caterpillar, moth, butterfly, dragonfly) (grasshopper, praying mantis, firefly, ladybug) (spider, butterfly, ladybug, fly) (spider, bee, fly, grasshopper). Some insect/spider names are repeated.

Pages 17-24: Math pages: Each page includes 4 math skills: (1) a word problem (addition or subtraction) with a number line and a space to fill in the equation to match the word problem, (2) a ten frame to fill in to match the number of insect/spider shown, (3) count the set and write the number to match, and (4) identifying the smallest, bigger, and biggest bugs. 

Pages 25-64: Writing pages: Twenty pages include the picture and name of each insect/spider to be written three times each to help with the spelling/recognition of insect names and 20 pages include the insect/spider picture and name with writing lines for informational writing. The following 20 insect/spider pictures are included and some include 2 different images as noted (caterpillar, ant, beetle, bee (2), centipede, butterfly (2), dragonfly, moth, firefly, ladybug (2), grasshopper (2), praying mantis, fly (2), and spider (2).

Pages 65-74: Writing pages: These pages include 2 insects/spiders per page. The insect/spider name is written correctly once and then includes a second line showing the insect name with missing letters. The students are to fill in the missing letters for each insect name to write it correctly. This is a good time for students to identify chunks in words. 

Pages 75-89: Math pages: 5 pages include addition (adding pictures to find the sum); 5 pages include subtraction with pictures (complete the equation and find the difference); 5 pages include finding the missing addend to make 10. 

Pages 90-99: Count each set of insects/spiders (11-20) and write the number to match.

I hope your students enjoy this Insect and Spider Literacy and Math Unit. 

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